A Little Bit Tomboy and a Lot Feminine Style

Biker Girl A Little Bit Tomboy and a Lot Feminine Style

Julie Jensen, who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark was used to getting attention as a girl rider…even when her 2009 Suzuki SV650S was black. But she wanted something more. Black was just too ordinary. It was time for a change.

Biker girl rider with feminine style
Even Julie’s helmet was customized to match the bike’s new look.

With help from MOFFPITBIKES, her bike was transformed into one that completely reflects her style and personality. That is, a little bit tomboy, but still girly. In her own words Julie says, “It’s an extension of myself.” Those who know her agree.

Starting with her love of the color purple, mechanic Michael Boss and painter Tonni helped her with the colors. The white is mother-of-pearl. The ripped effect on the purple gives it an edgy feel. Julie says the color really shines in the sunlight.

Lots of details were customized with this one-of-kind bike. It’s stylish, elegant, edgy, and simply a lovely bike with a girly attitude.

Biker girl rider with feminine style
Barends, bolts, screws, oil filler cap, cable adjuster, bobbins, reservoir cap rear brake, reservoir cap front brake, reservoir clip, and top yoke nut are all from PROBOLT. The levers were purchased on eBay.


Biker girl rider with feminine style
Smiley face valve is from MOFFPITBIKES.

After the customization, heads really turned when she rode. Little boys and girls stare at her and the bike, smiling. She recalls one time while riding on the highway, a car came up and the two guys in it gave her the thumbs up and started filming her. She thought that was kind of funny. And one day, while stuck in Copenhagen traffic, tourists took advantage of her waiting time and photographed her and her bike.

Julie has gotten really good feedback on her bike transformation. We can see why. It’s a beauty.


Some of Julie's Favorite Things

Biker girl rider with feminine style
“My favorite place to ride depends on my mood (cruising, curves, or even fast speeds). I like to take the Strandvejen (along the beach) from Copenhagen north to my hometown of Elsinore. But I typically head inland to the small curvy roads on the way back, which are surrounded by forests, fields and lakes. And not as much traffic. That is freedom!”
X-Boots Ria by IXS
“My favorite riding gear is my X-Boots Ria by IXS. It has a little heel, and is still great to walk around in. They are both safe and feminine—a combination that is hard to find. I love them!”

Julie Jensen can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.

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