Tinkerbell the Flaming Bedazzled Motorcycle and its Biker Dog Diva


Photo by Terry Clausen Photography

Donna and her dog Missy are from White Hall, Arkansas and over the last four years the pair have been traveling across the United States on their flaming bedazzled motorcycle known as Tinkerbell. Sassy decals of the iconic Tinkerbell are a whimsical addition to this blinged out Honda Deluxe, done up with over 15,000 Swarovski crystals.

The fantasy theme of this sparkling beauty coincides with Donna’s philosophy of living your dreams. Plus, it is in her favorite color, a vibrant orange that complements the existing flame paint job on her bedazzled motorcycle.



“I am a 58 year old woman riding across the United States on a blinged out bike with a dog. That is the fantasy and the thing dreams are made of.”


2001 Honda 600 VLX Deluxe – Photo by Jeff Klaum

Love at first sight

When her youngest of three children had turned 18 the riding bug hit Donna Denney Massey.

“It just seemed to be the perfect time.”

She happened to be browsing on Ebay and came across this Honda 600 VLX Deluxe complete with flaming paint job. She purchased the bike even though she had never actually ridden a motorcycle before.

“I never knew I wanted to ride until I saw that bike. I fell in love.”

Her son was skeptical that she would ever ride it herself, but she certainly proved him wrong. A year later she was a licensed biker.


Bedazzled motorcycle with flames, crystals, and Tinkerbell decals


It is not surprising with all that motorcycle bling that Donna’s road name is “Dazzle.” Her son unwittingly gave it to her when he said, “Mom you look like a bedazzled biker.”

The first thing Donna did to customize her bike was to modify the exhaust pipes. She had her son (a mechanic) remove the Shortshots and put on a Cobra exhaust. She also replaced the handlebars with 12” mini apes. Donna jokes that she helped, albeit in a supervisor capacity.

She purchased hard bags on Ebay and had them custom painted by Jeffery Bryant from Airbrush Innovation. She had him include Tinkerbell on the back of each hard bag and a Tinkerbell on the tank, which earned her bedazzled motorcycle the name of “Tink.”


Photo by Terry Clausen
Photo by Terry Clausen

When it came to customizing her Honda Deluxe with Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, Donna utilized her crafty skills from creating pageant outfits for her daughter and grandchildren. Donna placed over 15,000 Swarovski crystals on her motorcycle and is still counting. Her vision started with the windshield where she placed these classic Tinkerbell quotes:

“Laughter is timeless”

“Dreams are forever” and

“Imagination has no age.”

In addition she added Tinkerbell decals along with relevant sayings:

“Eat my pixie dust”

“Powered by pixie dust”

She completed the look with a Tinkerbell doll.


Tinkerbell windshield

Donna was inspired by a blingy set of motorcycle mirrors on Facebook. She too wanted to deck out her mirrors in Swarovski crystals and decided on a flame pattern she found on the internet.

Photo by Jeff Klaum


“It took a bit to get the flame pattern down.”

Donna found the hardest part was sizing the flame pattern to fit her mirrors. Once she positioned the pattern she used a glue stick to temporarily attach the pattern to the mirror. She then placed clear rhinestones around it. After she removed the pattern, she arranged her favorite orange Swarovski crystals for the flames. Donna was immediately hooked on blinging out the rest of her motorcycle when she completed the dazzling effect.

She moved on to the breather cover, signal lights and then added a few hundred to the hard bags. She added touches of sparkling crystals to the fender tips, and on the head of each bolt on the motor. She has also embellished the radiator and horn cover.


Radiator – Photo by Terry Clausen Photography
Blingy signal lights – Photo by Terry Clausen Photography
Photo by Southern Thunder Harley
Photo by Terry Clausen Photography

Her most sought-after customization is her unique orange wall tires. She insists that at least a hundred men have chased her down wondering where she got them. They are shocked to learn that she did them herself. To create this effect Donna taped off the white walls and used Plasti Dip® spray paint, which is a synthetic rubber-based product.

Custom orange wall tires by Donna – Photo by Terry Clausen Photography

As Donna is a tax accountant, she timed her customizations during her down time in the early winter, enabling her to keep her summer and fall open to ride. It took her a period of four years to complete all the motorcycle bling. But she isn’t done just yet. Plans are in the works to add crystals to her crash bars this year.


Meet Missy the Biker Dog Diva


“She is 4lbs 6oz. of spoiled.”

Missy aka Supermodel – Photo by Jeff Klaum

Missy is one cute, cool biker dog with a personality larger than her compact size and the disposition of a diva. Donna inherited Missy when she was just a year old and had lost her keeper. When Donna took off on her first road trip she left Missy at home with one of her sons. The next day she received a phone call from him telling her that she had to immediately come back. Missy wouldn’t come out from under the bed and she had stopped eating and drinking.



“It was get rid of the bike, or her, or teach her to ride, so here we are 49,000 miles later.”

Now, the pair are inseparable when it comes to riding the open road. Donna explains that she lost her blinged out bike to Missy, because by all accounts the motorcycle is Missy’s. And trying to get out of the driveway without her is a lost cause.


Missy the biker dog diva strikes a pose – Photo by Jeff Klaum

Missy, a Chorkie, Chihuahua, Yorkie mix, loves all the attention and is quite the diva for the camera when on tour with Donna. Especially when they stop for gas. It usually takes at least 12 photos from Missy’s admirers before they can continue on their way. Missy was given the road name “Supermodel” from Donna’s best friend and riding buddy, Nancy Pifer. This biker dog diva even won a Pet Bling contest from Dreamtime Creations where Donna purchases most of her rhinestones and crystals.


“Our whole purpose is to make someone smile and if that is what we get, it makes our day.”


Missy modeling – Photo by Smokey Mountain Harley


Biker Dog Style for a Diva

“Supermodel” Missy is very stylish in the custom-made biker dresses Donna designed. Donna also outfitted Missy with a helmet to muffle wind noise and embellished it to match her own. To complete the biker dog ensemble, Missy wears dog goggles to protect her eyes.


“I make all her outfits and some of mine so we match.”


Donna & Missy with matching helmets
Matching helmets rear view

Missy has become a well-seasoned traveler, with sightseeing through Louisiana on their way to Thunder Beach Florida. Travelling all over Arkansas and riding to Texas to Lace, Grace & Gears. Missy has even slayed the dragon, with the help of Donna of course.


Donna & Missy slaying the Tail of the Dragon – Photo by Killboy Photography

Most of the time Missy sits on top of the orange colored crate Donna installed on the back seat. But to keep her from blowing off the bike, Donna has a chain attached to Missy’s halter.


Missy’s helmet and goggles were purchased on Ebay

You can follow Missy on her Facebook page at Dazzle’s Dog Biker Chick.


Some of Donna’s favorite things

Donna’s favorite piece of gear is her MP3 player because as she puts it,

“I can sing as loud as I want and no one can hear me”

Donna listens (and sings) to her favorite artists Bob Seager, Kid Rock, Fleetwood Mac, CCR, Percy Sledge, and Joe Cocker.

Not only is her motorcycle bedazzled with crystals and rhinestones, Donna carries over her sparkly creative designs to her riding gear as well.

Generic boots with approx. 260 rhinestones
Brand Makers Mark with approx. 600 rhinestones
Baby Fats with approx. 260 rhinestones

Donna and Missy’s favorite road to ride is the Pig Trail in their home state of Arkansas. But to her and Missy any road that they haven’t been on before would be just as fun.


Donna also includes her biker blingy helmet as her favorite piece of gear because it matches Missy’s. Photo by Smokey Mountain Harley


An Award-Winning Bedazzled Motorcycle

Donna, Missy and Trophies

Donna frequently attends bike rallies and enters show competitions with Missy. Her bedazzled motorcycle has won many awards over the years:

  • Hot Springs open rally Arkansas 2015 1st place import custom and best of show, 2016 2nd place import custom, 2018 1st import custom
  • Mountains Music Motorcycle Mountain View, AR 2015 1st Custom Modified also 2016, and 2017
  • 2018 1st Place Spring Fling Eureka Spring, AR (Adam Sandoval presented the trophy)
  • 2018 1st JT Davis Bike Car show Sheridan, AR 2017 Fire and Iron 3rd place
  • 2015 Pipes and Tails Little Rock, AR 2nd place 2015 Memphis Bike Fest 1st
  • Wild Hog Motorcycle Music Fest Helena, AR 2016 Best of Show, 2015 1st, 2016 2nd
  • Thunder Beach Best of the Beach Bike show 2nd Metric Cruiser
  • Bikes Blues BBQ Fayetteville, AR 2018 1st Metric cruiser, 2016 1st metric cruiser
  • Peoples choice, Daytona, FL 2018 1st Metric cruiser


Photo by Terry Clausen Photography


Follow Donna on

Facebook or find her in one of the FB groups she frequents: SOAR, ORG, Classy ‘N Sassy Biker Babes (CNSBB), and the Steelhorse Sisterhood

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