Busa Girl’s Stunning Bike is Turning Heads Everywhere She Goes

Busa Girl’s Stunning Bike is Turning Heads Everywhere She Goes
Busa Girl’s Stunning Bike
Top of page photo and this one by Vic Weaver Photography of South Carolina

CJ “Busa Girl” Jamison of Charlotte, North Carolina has been shaking things up in the motorsports industry for some time now. For those who don’t know her, she is the owner of Busa Girl Motorsports which hosts motorsports events and bike shows on an annual basis. Busa Fest, which highlights custom motorcycles, debuted in Charlotte, NC in 2012. From there her passion for all motorcycles led her to create Bagger Fest, which highlights cruisers.

Busa Girl Motorsports

The Ride by CJ Jamison
Meeting by chance on a ride, Carla and Greg begin a journey that includes love, lust, jealousy, deceit and finding new friendships.

This year CJ celebrates her 5th year as she hosts the Busa and Bagger Fest Motorsports Festival on September 10, 2016 at the historic Columbia Speedway. It is open to all brands of motorcycles and automobiles and will feature a classic car display. CJ’s goal was to create an event that unites a diverse crowd, enthusiasts with a passion for all things motorsports related. Event info can be found at BusaFestBaggerFest.com

In addition to her love of motorsports, CJ “Busa Girl” is an author. Her book, simply titled “The Ride,” is the first of an erotic novel series giving an inside peek into the lives of motorcyclists and includes passion, betrayal and the trials of a biker’s lifestyle. It’s available on Amazon. The second book of the series is currently in the works.

This Busa Girl’s Got Style

With a passion for style and fashion, CJ created Street Life Wear brand—biker-related casual apparel such as caps, beanies, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts.

Busa Girl's Streetwear Brand

“I started the clothing because I hear so many people say that biker wear can either be plain, not available in plus sizes or hard to find. I wanted to give bikers choices for custom wear to match their unique style or favorite colors.”

And if that weren’t enough, she also does modeling with motorcycles. She has been featured on several campaigns for female bikers and has worked with Garwood Custom Cycles as a model to feature their custom bikes. She hopes to do many more motorsports related modeling projects.

CJ models for Garwood Customs
CJ modeling for Garwood Custom Cycles with their featured bike named “Overload”. The bike has since been sold to a new owner in Hawaii. Photo by Vic Weaver Photography of South Carolina


Celebrity Glam: The Busa Girl Custom Hayabusa

CJ is passionate about custom motorcycles and wanted to make her own bike unique to match her style.


Busa Girl CJ Jamison

Photo by Vic Weaver Photography

“It’s a bright pink so it definitely turns heads. Going to major bike rallies such as Daytona Bike Week or Myrtle Beach Bike Week is fun. I always run into people that have seen the bike in magazines and have always wanted to meet the owner.”

Almost all of the custom work on her 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa was completed or installed by Garwood Custom Cycles of Lexington, NC.

Customizations include the custom pink to black faded paint, pink LED lights, Brocks Performance aftermarket exhaust, FTD Customs aftermarket wheels, Busa Tunes music system, triple tree, swing arm, foot pegs, hand grips, grill covers and air ride system.

Check out her video to get a better look:

A Few of CJ’s Favorite Things

CJ 'The Busa Girl' Jamison
Although CJ loves both the Bilt and Speed and Strength riding jackets, in this photo she dons a pink and white jacket she had custom designed overseas

As far as riding goes, CJ loves riding downtown in the city at night. Otherwise, long country roads are also a favorite place to ride. When she’s not riding or hosting an event, she loves reading, designing clothes, fashion and traveling as much as she can.

CJ’s favorite shopping resources for women riders are Cycle Gear and Biker Girl Bling. Thanks, CJ!

You can connect with CJ Busa Girl on twitter or instagram. Also, be sure to visit her Busa and Bagger Fest Motorsports Festival website at http://www.busafestbaggerfest.com.

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