Wild at Heart Cheetah GSXR Girl

Wild at Heart Cheetah GSXR Girl

After riding pillion on her boyfriend’s first bike Sarah—Cheetah GSXR Girl—Garlic was immediately aware of two things: she was in love with the ride and she was the one who needed to be in control of it. Sarah’s journey into the motorcyclists’ lifestyle started shortly after that in 2014 with the purchase of her first bike. Her choice of a 2007 GSXR600 certainly matched her vibrant personality, but as a female sport bike rider she wanted to stand apart from her male counterparts and decided that a “little” customization was in order.


Wild at Heart Cheetah GSXR Girl


Sarah has always had a love for all things pink, but didn’t want to turn to the traditional “all in pink” bike that most female riders tend to gravitate to. Her exuberant style commanded something completely different.


The Allure of Animal Print

Sarah the GSXR Girl's inspiration
This ICON helmet was the GSXR Girl’s inspiration

Her inspiration came when she purchased her most important piece of gear, the ICON cheetah print helmet. It was a “love at first sight” moment for Sarah and thus began the GSXR transformation.

She then recruited the talents of Ron Jordan from Brutal Grafx with her idea of what she wanted for her bike. Ron warned her how much attention she would get with having an exotic animal print on her bike, however she never realized just how much until she took to the streets on her new custom ride.

Now when Sarah cruises down the road, heads turn. People are constantly approaching her to strike up a conversation and learn more about her bike’s impressive transformation.


Photo: Edward Esmao Photography


Photo: Edward Esmao Photography


Believe it or not, her cheetah inspired GSXR 600 is not a wrap but an actual custom paint job that included all fairings. Add to that the Two Brothers Racing slip-on exhaust, LED kit, HID headlights & GSXR extension and GSXR Girl Sarah has one wildly wicked machine that matches her vivacious appetite.

GSXR extension. Photo: Edward Esmao Photography
Two Brothers Racing slip-on exhaust. Photo: Edward Esmao Photography

GSXR Girl Likes to Dress Up and Give Back

Sarah keeps herself busy by attending large biker meets and gives back to her hometown of Elk Grove Village Illinois by participating in charity events. Even cold weather doesn’t bother Sarah when it comes to getting a chance to dress up and participate in the many fundraising events in her surrounding community.

Rocking her Elf costume & riding her ‘cheetah’ at last December’s annual Toys for Tots motorcycle parade.
Rocking her Elf costume & riding her ‘cheetah’ at last December’s annual Toys for Tots motorcycle parade.


Ride for Breast Cancer
Ride for Breast Cancer


Sarah at the annual all female charity ride, "All About The Girls" or "AATG”
Sarah at the annual all female charity ride, “All About The Girls” or “AATG”


gsxr-girl-jesterAt the end of September Sarah transformed into a Jester for the Doomsday Street Stunt Ride.

This annual event attracts over 800 bikers that say good-bye to the riding season by dressing up in Halloween costumes and taking it to the streets in Chicago.

Always up for an adventure, on a whim this past March Sarah and her friend loaded up their bikes on a trailer and headed to Florida for Daytona Bike week. This famous annual bike rally made a lasting impression and now she plans to make this a yearly trek.

“That was one of the best biker meets I have ever been too! It is something I will continue going to every year now!”


Sarah’s Car Chix Calendar Picture Entry

When not participating in fundraisers or biker meets you can find GSXR Girl Sarah cruising her favorite spot along the country roads of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin.


Women of Motorsports Contest

To top off her extremely active year Sarah entered the Car Chix calendar contest. Every year Car Chix creates a calendar to inspire, encourage and recognize women worldwide who are involved or interested in motorsports and the automotive industry. Sarah sought out Edward Esmao Photography to capture her wild side on her ride and it must of worked, as she will be featured in the upcoming 2017 calendar along with eleven other women.

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Top photo and bottom photos: Edward Esmao Photography

Editor’s note: Although the ICON helmet Sarah wears is no longer available there is a new line of animal print inspired products from Icon called Shaguar Gear. You can check them out at Motorcycle Superstore:

Do you have a bling’d out bike? Are you fashionably styling while you ride? Then check out How to get featured as a Biker Girl Bling’n It.

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