Custom Crystal Harley Davidson Softail is a Shining Star


Photo by Jacobsen Photography

Photo by Jacobsen Photography

A Shining Attraction

With all the shiny bling on her custom crystal Harley, Venus Monyhan naturally attracts a lot of attention.

No matter where she rides there are always plenty of cameras snapping pictures. Even most male bikers love the look and insist the picture is for a girlfriend, wife or their mom.

Venus is a long-time rider who began her two-wheeled adventures at eighteen. Her first motorcycle, a Yamaha 350, was partly for transportation but for the most part used for fun.

Since then she’s graduated through several bikes over the years. But it wasn’t until the 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe that her creative juices started to flow. She felt compelled to make this ride her “Shining Star.” Plus, her crystal Harley is a glittering two-wheel tribute in loving memory of her two English Mastiff dogs, Moe and Catherine.


DIY Accents In Glittery Swarovski Crystals

Photo by Jacobsen Photography


“My bike shines and twinkles like a star”


To create her “Shining Star” Venus embellished this custom Harley with over 22,000 twinkling Swarovski crystals. She started in May of 2016, infusing her vibrant personality into every detail. Designing from fender to fender Venus worked on and off for over a year on this one-of-a-kind tribute.


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


Venus removed the motorcycle parts that were easy to take off and applied Swarovski crystals. Then she worked directly on the areas of the motorcycle she couldn’t remove. By the time it was complete, thousands of shiny crystals highlighted key areas of her custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Headlight rims were removed to apply crystals


It took a whopping 4,032 Swarovski crystals just to decorate her engine guard.




Swarovski crystals were applied to the front axle nut covers, derby cover and mirrors


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


Air filter and oil reserve cap. Photo by Jacobsen Photography


Top of tank. Photo by Jacobsen Photography


UPDATE: After this article posted Venus added additional bling to her tank.


She added a ring of shimmering purple and an accent cluster of clear Swarovski crystal bling to her aftermarket Kuryakyn hand grips.


Accents of purple crystals enhance the hand grips and gas cap. Photos by Jacobsen Photography


Venus outlined the actual size of Moe and Catherine’s paw prints in purple Swarovski crystals and placed them on either side of her oil reservoir.


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


UPDATE: After this article posted Venus added clear Swarovski crystals to fill in the paw prints.


Swarovski crystals continue at the rear of her bike to enhance the Captain Itch aftermarket Mud flap, her back fender, tail light, and signal lights. An aftermarket brake light strobe was added and even her license plate holder was customized with bling.


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


“Most people are in shock when they learn that the Crystals are applied one at a time.”


Even More Crystal Harley Davidson Customizations

Venus continued customizing her motorcycle by enlisting several specialists. She wanted to give her crystal Harley a unique personal touch. One that reflected her spirited and sparkling personality while at the same time memorialize her two best friends.


“You know the saying…’Don’t ride faster than your Angels can fly?’ My Dog Angels ride with me.”


Chopper Hauss created a custom English mastiff seat screw for Venus along with the license plate screws on her custom bling license plate VENUS.

Chris Bryan of Custom Promotions (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) custom embroidered the paw prints of her two English mastiffs. They were digitally reduced to a smaller size to accommodate the space on her back passenger seat.


A unique, custom shifter link with “Venus” was forged and added by Nasty Baggers.




UPDATE: After this article posted Venus added additional bling her shifter link.


Lil’ Toot of Tulsa Oklahoma did the custom name lettering “Venus” on the front fender. Venus added the Swarovski crystal accent.


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


Venus also installed Vance Hines pipes to pump up the volume.

And, to make her bike shine as bright at night, she added 20 purple LED accent lights, purple LED lighted floorboards, a LED headlamp and turn signals.



Blinging it with her favorite motorcycle helmets and accessories

To top it off, Venus also customized her motorcycle helmet with shimmering Swarovski crystal bling.



Venus’ current helmet project is in memory of her two English mastiffs. It features Moe & Catherine’s paw prints in Swarovski crystals. Venus has documented her progress and you can read about it here at DIY Bling Motorcycle Helmet with Red Swarovski Crystals + How To Video.




Venus’s collection of bows

The custom bows by Lucky Yogi are Venus’s favorite helmet accessory. These bows attach to the helmet with industrial strength Velcro strip.

Depending on Venus’s mood she can easily switch out one of her four custom bows. Also, Venus was quick to endorse the guarantee that Lucky Yogi boasts, “they do not come off while riding.”


Unique metal flake helmet lid

Adding to her growing collection of custom motorcycle helmets, Venus now has a unique Mike’s Pro Lid Helmet. Classified as novelty helmets, these helmets are not DOT approved. So Venus only wears this particular helmet on short outings because of the safety issue.

To add some sparkle to her lid, Venus enlisted the talents of local custom painter Quinn Chipman of Kraken Kustomz. He added a stunning burst of metal flake in shimmering purples to coordinate with her custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Photo by Jacobsen Photography


A Passion For Motorcycle Shows

From drag racing cars when she was younger to running in the Chicago Marathon on her 57th birthday, Venus now has a passion for competing in bike shows in and around her hometown of Owasso, Oklahoma.



“Rocking chairs are not my cup of tea!”


1st bike show Venus wins “Best Bike”

“Spring Party” The Old 33 Icehouse Pub – Inola, Oklahoma. March 25th, 2017

2nd bike show Venus wins “1st In Class” – Ladies: Harley Models Any Year

“Annual Spring Bike Show” Myers-Duren Harley-Davidson – Tulsa, Oklahoma. April 22nd, 2017

3rd bike show Venus wins “Best Stock Harley Class” and “People’s Choice”

“Miami’s Most Wanted Bike Show” Vigilante Cycles – Miami, Oklahoma. May 6th, 2017

4th bike show Venus wins “Top Choice”

“Handlebars & Hotrods” Cancer Sucks Benefit – Tulsa, Oklahoma. May 12th-13th, 2017

5th bike show Venus took the “Runner Up” in the Class-Big Twin Softail

“Pig Trail Palooza Custom Bike Show” Pig Trail Harley Davidson – Rogers, Arkansas. June 17th, 2017

6th bike show Venus wins 1st and 2nd place in class “Motorcycles All”

Fundraiser for the Girls Softball Team. Oklahoma Revolution Car, Bike, & Vendor Show – Skiatook, Oklahoma. June 24th, 2017. Venus admits hers was the only bike entered because there were other rallies and shows happening that same weekend. Although we think her bike is amazing and she would have won no matter how many bikes entered!


Cleaning the Crystal Harley Softail

Photo by Jacobsen Photography

An amusing question Venus gets is if she actually rides her motorcycle for fear of it getting dirty or stolen. She lets them know that she has no problem riding it everywhere she can. And she explains how easy it is to clean by using only water and a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the crystals clean.

To keep her bike in show condition she uses TopCoat® F11 Polish and Sealer with a microfiber cloth to coat each area of her bike, and another to gently buff it. She uses the polish on the majority parts of her bike including the leather, all the chrome and windshield. For her tires she uses two products: Cycle Care Formula 1 for the white walls and Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Spray on the outer tire to bring out the shine.

As for theft prevention, Venus always parks in well-lit areas and uses a Harley Davidson Shackle Lock for added security.


Venus on custom harley swaorvski crystal motorcycle
Photo by Jacobsen Photography

Connect With Venus

Even though Venus is a retired Registered Nurse she is far from being retired. She now keeps busy at Perimeter Construction, a company she and her husband Mike started 25 years ago. When time permits, Venus enjoys riding with her husband. They favor back roads, travelling through small towns and discovering quaint diners.

Connect With Venus on Instagram: @VenusMonyhan

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17 thoughts on “Custom Crystal Harley Davidson Softail is a Shining Star

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Yogi, I agree. The article was beyond my expectations!
      You have not idea how that makes me feel. Hugs to you! I will be ordering some more Helmet Bows in a couple of weeks.

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello Linda! Just saw your question. I use E6000 industrial strength glue. I buy it at Hobby Lobby, or Walmart has it. I have also bought it several times from Rhinestone Biz..I order ALL of my crystals from them. Grest company.
      Venus Monyhan

      • Amy Featheringham says:

        Did you clear coat over your crystals on your bike? If so what is best to use?
        Your bike is amazing by the way! Sincerely a girl who wants to bling her bike too!

  1. TJ says:

    Hi Venus, i saw your bike last year at a show in Oklahoma City, where of course you won first place. My question is what is the size of crystal you use primarily or the bulk of stones? Is it the largest or somewhere between largest and middle? Thanks so much.

  2. Venus Monyhan says:

    Hello TJ
    I primarily use 20ss. I always buy smaller crystals to fill in areas as needed. I use the bigger crystals 30ss for some of my larger parts of my bike. I usually get the 12ss 9ss for the smaller ones. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Bling on!

  3. Connie says:

    Hi Venus,
    I emailed in and asked where you got your Venus shift linkage. They said you got it at nasty, which I emailed them and I ride a 2015 HD Dyna Switchback and they said they don’t make one for that one, what a bummer!
    Do you happen to know anyone else that makes them custom?

    • Venus says:

      I called Nasty Baggers to confirm that they don’t make the custom shifter linkage for your make and model bike.
      They do not…its because their linkage is 12in and your bike linkage is longer.
      They do make some Dyna linkages but very limited.
      I would suggest to contact bike builders in your area and see if they know anyone. They can be a great resource. Good luck and happy riding!

  4. Venus says:

    On no..that’s so disappointing. I am not aware of anyone else who makes the shifter linkage. I’ll check with some of my bike show Buddies and see if any of them know someone who makes them.

  5. Regina says:

    Beautiful Bike Venus!! I was wondering if you find that the Crystals withstand the heat okay? Or do some fall off?

  6. Tammy says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your bike. the softail deluxe is my dream bike and when I started researching bling for motorcycle, I found this article!! One questions. For the gas tank and highway bars, did you use clear crystals? Or the crystal AB?

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Thank you Tammy. I love my Softail Deluxe. It’s my favorite bike of all the ones I have owned.
      The Swarovski Crystals on those parts are the clear flatback ones.
      Don’t give up on your dream bike! It’s fun to create a piece of rolling art!!
      Again thank you for your kind words!

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