Traci Takes Charge on her Custom Honda Shadow


Traci Nelson aka “Wiggles” two-wheeled journey began after her marriage of 26 years ended, this life-changing event prompted her to adapt and change to her new circumstances. It was this change that blossomed into a realization that she was a strong and independent woman who could accomplish anything she set her mind to. And one of those changes was to eventually ride.

Traci had her first taste of the motorcyclist lifestyle after dating a seasoned rider and riding pillion. Her enjoyment and interest in motorcycling increased with each ride but being dependent on the person in control did not sit right with her. In 2014, Traci took charge and learned to ride for herself and immediately bought a 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750.

honda shadow before customization
2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750 – before customizing

Modifications for the Spirit and the Ride

It was Traci’s process of self-evaluation that became the driving force that compelled her to find a symbol that best captured her new philosophy on life, and one that she could also proudly reflect onto her motorcycle. It was to be the Dragonfly that spoke volumes to her with its meaning of adaptability and to change in the perspective of self-realization.

Traci gave artist Jamie Tyler (of Boyce, Louisiana) free reign to custom paint her faring and helmet with a Dragonfly design, as long as it was in her favorite colors of purple and teal. Eventually she plans to get the same design on the tank to complete the look.

“The dragonfly has inspired me to live life with a purpose and to make my life count for something good”.

Being an avid traveler she added floorboards, engine guard, saddlebags, sissy bar and a luggage rack. But it wasn’t until the addition of a Boss Audio MC400 600 Watt sound system that Traci truly began to relax and enjoy the scenery on her rides. Her music has now become her favorite accessory when riding her custom Honda Shadow.

“What a huge difference it made in my ability to just sit back and enjoy the ride. My mind was no longer racing ahead of me to the next curve and causing me to become overly anxious.”


What’s in a name?

Traci came by her road name soon after getting her motorcycle. Very few of her friends even knew she had bought a motorcycle, let alone ever expected her to become a bona fide motorcycle enthusiast. Traci made her debut at her church and showed up on her bike surprising everyone. After the service as she rode away, someone commented that she was “just wiggling down the road.” From that moment on she was known as “Wiggles.” It was only fitting that her motorcycle was then dubbed with “Wobbles.”

In the beginning, Traci never felt comfortable with carrying a passenger. Although it didn’t seem to be an issue when she was travelling the countryside and weighted down with luggage. However, she wasn’t always going on a road trip when motoring around and became concerned that people might ask for a ride when she wasn’t loaded down with gear.

Her solution was to get a mascot to accompany her. It took the pressure off her and “Weebles” the lion is the only passenger allowed on the back of her custom Honda Shadow. He even doesn’t mind sharing the space as long as it is only luggage. Traci admitted that when the journey is long “Weebles” is also a great listener.

weebles on custom honda shadow
Loaded up for the CMA Colors Rally in Mena, AR – October 2016


Exploring her world

custom honda shadow
Lace, Grace, and Gears Rally – Beaumont, Texas – Sept. 2016

For just a “weekend warrior” Traci racks up the miles and by October 2016 she had put over 10,000 miles on her custom Honda Shadow and has no plans of slowing down.

Traci keeps herself immersed as an active member of CMA, Christian Motorcyclists Association and takes as many motorcycle trips as she can with the club. Last summer she went to the pre-rally in Sturgis and explored the roads in the South Dakota area. She also discovered the breath-taking beauty of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

When not working as a Human Resource Assistant Traci keeps herself busy by participating in the various state rallies and local events in her community. Last September she headed off to the Lace, Grace, and Gears Rally in Beaumont Texas.

custom-honda-shadow-ridingWith her recent relocation from Louisiana to Tyler, Texas she is having a blast discovering the roads in her new location. On her bucket list, she plans to tackle the Twisted Sisters in Texas Hill Country and eventually make her way over to Tennessee for The Tail of The Dragon.

You can find Traci hanging out on Facebook with SOAR, the Sisterhood of the Asphalt Ribbon.


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