Supermoto Girl @K.im_a_biker on a Rainbow Colored, Vinyl Wrapped Custom Suzuki


“She is me if I were a bike.”


This young, petite Italian girl was hooked on the supermoto lifestyle the day one crossed her path. With an overwhelming desire to make everything beautiful, Kim couldn’t help but extend that passion to her custom supermoto and has been hard at work turning it into an extension of herself.


Growing up in a motorcycle world

Bike life was imprinted on Kim from an early age. As a child in Genoa, Italy, Kim’s summer mornings started with a ride on the back of her grandfather’s motorcycle. When she turned 14, her dad really wanted her to ride on her own so he presented her with a choice that any young teenager would be ecstatic to be given. Get a motorcycle at 14 or a scooter at 16.

Even at this young age, Kim already yearned for the independence offered by two wheels, so her decision was an especially easy one. Spurred on by her father’s encouragement she sought out her first motorcycle – a 50cc sportbike. Learning to use the clutch and gears took a lot of practice but her diligence and efforts eventually paid off.


“When I finally got it, nothing could stop me”


Mastering riding was just a part of this spunky girl’s ambitions. Kim started wrenching on her 50cc right off the bat and immediately began adding personal touches to her motorcycle. When she hit 16, she was ready to move on to riding a 125cc and continued honing her skills, doing a lot of the mechanical repairs and customizations herself. Up until this point, Kim was all about sportbikes and the thought of riding anything else never crossed her mind.



“I never thought about getting a supermoto until I got her”


Kim’s turning point into the world of the supermotos began by chance when she turned 19. Even though her boyfriend Davide was already riding one, it wasn’t until she bought her best friend’s supermoto that she truly appreciated their dual purpose on/off-road riding capabilities and completely immersed herself into the supermoto lifestyle.


Inner strength & power blended with rainbows & happy stuff

Kim’s vigor for life is apparent in everything she aspires to accomplish. At 21 she has limitless energy and her passions revolve around riding, cooking, photography, and her pet bunny and two dogs – though she admits that she actually has thousands of hobbies. She thrives on a “good vibes only” attitude and puts some of that energy into her burning desire “to make all things beautiful.” Making things beautiful isn’t just reserved for her custom supermoto, however, and Kim is currently enrolled in medical school with aspirations to become a plastic surgeon.

When she got her current ride, a Suzuki 450 supermoto, she decided it was about time to create something very special and truly turn it into an extension of who she is on the inside.

Did you know? – A supermoto is basically a dual-purpose motorcycle – a bike that would be just as comfortable on the highway as it would be ripping up the backroads. The differences between a supermoto and a standard dirt bike are the additional sportbike touches added to it. A supermoto also typically has larger, 17- inch rims to accommodate sportbike tires. The front of these bikes tends to feature upside-down forks and an oversized front rotor braking setup. This allows them to handle off-road bumps and jumps while still carving through tight twisties with ease.

“I wanted something different, only mine and very personal that would show how I am on the inside, all the rainbows and happy stuff, but also as something aggressive and powerful as a 450”




Kim’s Suzuki supermoto before customization

The making of a custom rainbow-colored supermoto


Kim began by having some of the Suzuki’s parts and the rims anodized. This meant that she first had to clean up the rims before she shipped them off to Dedo Racingwhere they applied the vibrant purple magic coating.




suzuki-cus tom-exhaust-supermoto
(Anodizing is an oxidation process that involves immersing aluminum into an acid electrolyte bath. The process hardens metals and protects them from corrosion.)


“I customize everything… It’s my thing. I like to make things prettier, that’s why I want to be a plastic surgeon – to make people prettier too.”


Custom frame sliders



Strong is the new sexy

Although her boyfriend, Davide, and her dad were always there to lend a hand when needed, Kim did most of the customization work herself. Almost everything on her custom Suzuki RMX450Z supermoto has been sprinkled with her personal touch:

  • Frame polished to a brilliant shine
  • Custom plastics
  • Handlebars, grips, clutch cover
  • Mirrors, indicators, frame sliders
  • Exhaust, suspension, rims

The Suzuki RMX’s standard height was too tall for Kim’s petite 5’ 3” (1.60 m) stature, so she used a common electric carving knife to lower the seat height and allow for a more comfortable fit on her custom ride.

Watch supermoto girl Kim’s step by step DIY seat lowering process. (The title in English is “How to lower the seat with ignorance and a roast beef knife.)


Custom supermoto graphics

Kim also designed all her own custom supermoto graphics and had the vinyl motorcycle wrap printed at CP Design. The ideas for her unique dirt bike wrap were drawn from her personal life.  Each graphic means something special to her, while also showing off her creative design talents.




  • K.im_a_biker – her biker handle. It came about when she was in her last year of high school before she headed off to med school. She was going by “kimrs125” at the time but knew that she would eventually move on from her 125cc. She used a creative twist on her name and combined it with her passion for motorcycles. (Kim admits that this all came about while she was extremely bored during a math lecture.)
  • Cartoon bunny – lovingly represents her pet rabbit.
  • Stethoscope heart – represents her medical studies.
  • Strong is the new sexy – represents her inner strength
  • The Race Off Team – represents Kim’s biker crew. Kim and her boyfriend met up with Marco and Tiger one day on an motorcycle trip while trying to learn how to pop a wheelie and an instant bond was formed. Three years later, a few more people have joined their group while others have moved on. However, the resulting friendships have produced a close-knit bond that remains a constant theme within their small biker crew.




Kim’s 2013 Suzuki RMX450Z supermoto

As Kim so proudly puts it, her supermoto is an extension of herself and an ever-evolving work in progress. She enjoys keeping busy at all times, especially when it comes to her custom supermoto, and never has any trouble finding something else that can be improved and worked upon.

When asked if she christened her supermoto with a name, she responded by simply saying “I just call her Bestiolina. In Italian, that means little beast”.

An up-close and personal showcasing of Kim’s rainbow-colored, DIY vinyl wrapped motorcycle:



Kim’s favorite riding spots

Living in Italy, Kim has plenty of extraordinary roads to choose from and exquisite, scenic trails that stretch from the sea to the mountains. One of this supermoto girl’s absolute personal favorites is Monte Fasce, located directly behind her home. She loves the challenge of the technical twists and sharp corners and enjoys the spectacular views overlooking the sea. Kim also enjoys riding along the coasts of Liguria and Portofino, though in her opinion, the best roads are around Lake Garda and Switzerland.



motorcycle-pink-glovesThe Women Motor Bootcamp in Verona, Italy has also become one of Kim’s favorites and has left her with a lasting impression after she attended; proving to be so much more than just an event. The annual 3-day event is organized by women riders for women and involves a combination of courses, workshops, activities, and test rides.

“I had the best three days of my life there”


Kim’s must-have biker accessories

Protective gear is a must for Kim, but her MX gloves have a special place in her heart. She has an extremely large collection of gloves in all sorts of girly colors. Additionally, Kim keeps her long locks from tangling by braiding her hair and adding her must-have accessory –  a simple scrunchie.




Connect with K.im_a_biker

Instagram: @K.im_a_biker

Kim has impressive skills when it comes to wrenching on her Supermoto.  If you want to learn how to change a piston, customize a helmet, plastidip rims, polish your bike frame to a shiny, mirror-like finish, or get inspired to design your own motorcycle wrap then it’s worth giving Kim’s YouTube channel a look.

Photo credits: Kim Spolidoro (@K.im_a_biker), Davide De Sole (@desso_sm), Matteo Ravelli (@ravez750), Nicolò Prevosto (@tiger_r6)


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