A Shimmering Silver Chieftain Bedazzled With Sparkling Swarovski Crystals


Indian Chieftain Elite – Photos by Kodak of Head Turners RC

Her sparkling personality shines as much as the silver sparkle on her motorcycle


We’d like to welcome back Yvonne Lanthripp, aka “Sparkles,” to the Featured Biker Girls Bling’n It section of our website. We last featured her sparkling, Swarovski crystal-studded Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe back in 2017 in Blinging it on a Sparkly Swarovski Motorcycle.

The last time we spoke with Yvonne, her husband was trying to convince her to get into Dual Sport motorcycles. Though he did manage to eventually persuade her, Yvonne soon realized that they just weren’t the right fit for her.  All was not lost, however, and she ended up selling her Dual Sport to help fund her latest spectacular shimmering creation – her dazzling silver 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite!




Love at first sparkle


“I’m rather attracted to sparkly things”


Yvonne’s 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite before its transformation

Yvonne had previously never considered getting into Indian motorcycles… until the Chieftain’s glimmering silver paint caught her eye. She quickly realized that the Chieftain’s metallic silver paint would be the perfect foundation for her next sparkly work of art!




Yvonne turned to Crystal Chaos to help bring her vision to life. She began the crystallization transformation by adding a piece of crystal-studded trim under the motorcycle’s windshield and mirrors. Yvonne also added her road name “Sparkles” to the fairing in nothing other than Swarovski crystals, and more crystals were then added to the engine guards, saddlebag guards, lower bag rails, seat rail, and the luggage rack.






Every inch of Yvonne’s Chieftain has a touch of sparkle – including the dash trim!
Pinstriping and a couple of engine parts are also adorned with shimmering crystals.

After the transformation was complete, Yvonne’s Chieftain featured an impressive total of 45,000 Swarovski crystals!

Beyond the sparkle


Apart from the glimmering paint, Yvonne admits that the Indian’s main selling point was the value for money it offered. The San Marcos Indian dealership, where she purchased her motorcycle, even went out of their way to make sure that her new Chieftain perfectly fit her height-challenged stature – which meant swapping out the stock seat and air filter. Yvonne also added a different muffler and heated grips for extra comfort on cooler trips. But that’s not all she’s added to the bike and admits that plenty more modifications had been made – giving her husband credit as the one responsible for customizing her Indian to better suit her.


“He sat there with a catalog and chose the things he thought would make the bike better for me.”


Fundraising for good causes




For the last 2 and a half years, Yvonne has enjoyed riding and fundraising with a Southern California riding club known as the “Head Turners.” The Head Turners take part in lots of fundraising projects throughout the year and organize toy drives during the holiday season. The club even hosts a booth at the Top Line Bike and Car Show every June and donates all proceeds to Carol’s Kitchen.




Yvonne’s passion for the club and its fundraising endeavors had her participating in this year’s 2020 club member calendar; proudly announcing that 100% of the donations went to the Alzheimer’s Association. The calendar was shot by one of the Head Turners’ members, Kodak, whom Yvonne praises for making the women and their bikes look so fabulous.


Riding for pure enjoyment


 “I love to ride. I think that has a lot to do with my love for travel and to explore new and old places alike.”


Yvonne loves riding anywhere scenic and is looking forward to riding down to the Daytona Bike Week and the Arizona Bike Week on her bedazzled silver Chieftain later this year.

By the way, if you were wondering what happened to her HD Softail Deluxe, Yvonne ultimately couldn’t bring herself to part with it and still enjoys a cruise every now and then on her Harley. In her own words, “It would take a VERY generous offer for me to part with it!”


DIY shimmering crystalized helmets


Yvonne is also a DIY bling master and even likes to customize her helmets with… what else but Swarovski crystals!


“Sparkles” is at it yet again and is currently in the process of bedazzling another one of her helmets. It’s still a work in progress and she’s currently deciding what else to add to her customized lid. We can’t wait to see the end result!


Connect with sparkles


You can find Sparkles (Yvonne) hanging out with the Head Turners RC on Facebook, Instagram at @headturnersrc, and YouTube at @headturnersrc


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