The Pink Angel: Creating Awareness for Breast Cancer

Pink Angel Bike Creates Awareness for Breast Cancer

The “Pink Angel”—a custom Harley Fatboy—is not just a pretty bike. It’s a symbol dedicated to all of those that have survived, supported, or have been taken by breast cancer.

For Shelly Griffith, of Pearland, TX, breast cancer has touched her life deeply. Many close relations have been affected, including her grandmother, ex-father-in-law, aunt, sister-in-law, and the family members of her friends. Most are survivors, but sadly her grandmother and ex-father-in-law are now gone. The personal impact of this deadly disease aroused a passion to help those who either have it, survived it, lost loved ones, or are supporting others suffering with breast cancer. Essentially, Shelly is on a mission to increase awareness of breast cancer and the Pink Angel helps her with this cause.

When Shelly first purchased her 2005 Harley-Davidson Fatboy three years ago, it already had the custom painted pink flames. But after adding the custom Alligator Seat with pink ribbon symbol, she and her family realized the Pink Angel could be used for much more so they started showing the bike. While displaying the Pink Angel at various shows and events, Shelly said, “People would come up to me and tell me how they had been affected by breast cancer. And that’s what actually inspired this whole start. It fueled my mission.”

At these events, Shelly strikes up conversation with visitors, which leads to people talking about breast cancer. These conversations, although quite emotional, lend support to those going through a difficult time in their lives.

“Mainly we do this for the awareness and the precautions, especially since my ex-father in-law had breast cancer and he passed away from it. That’s a huge point to make that men get breast cancer too. But really it is about the conversation. I think it makes people feel better when they talk about it. And it makes me feel better talking to them and telling them my story too.”

Shelly Griffith’s Pink Angel exhibit at the Autorama World of Wheels Show in Houston, TX. Check out all the awards she’s won! Shelly (sitting on the bike) is pictured here with her best friend Carol and Carol’s step-mother, whose family’s battle with breast cancer inspired Shelly.

Recently, the Sisters Helping Sisters organization (which supports local women battling breast cancer) asked Shelly to exhibit the Pink Angel at one of their benefits. Shelly said, “The response we got from the breast cancer beneficiaries and the breast cancer survivors was overwhelming. There were lots of tears, lots of heartfelt emotion, and such gratefulness from the people for what we are doing and the awareness we try to make.”

Shelly and her Pink Angel are making a difference. Together they are getting noticed by bigger organizations. For example, Shelly and her family have a pending partnership with The Rose Foundation (a huge breast cancer foundation) and their supporting group Bikers Against Breast Cancer.

Shelly and her daughter Shyanne

Although Shelly may be the face of the Pink Angel, supporting the cause is actually a family effort. Her husband Bobby keeps the bike in top mechanical condition. And their 14-year old daughter Shyanne gladly gives of her time and helps out in any and all ways possible.

“This is a family effort. We’ve gone everywhere from Louisiana to Dallas to San Antonio, so we travel. It takes a lot on them too and I’m very appreciative that this is a family affair and that we are all so involved in this.”

Currently, Shelly and her family spend the majority of their spare time taking the Pink Angel to shows, fundraising events and benefits—about 25 a year—to spread breast cancer awareness.

Apart from the winter months, Shelly is a daily rider and her favorite place to ride is on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, TX, the main road going along the beach.

The Pink Angel is a Fully Custom Bike


The only thing that’s factory on the 124ci 2005 Harley Davidson Fatboy is the frame and basic engine without the engine upgrades. Below is a list of some of the customizations:


  • Deuce tank
  • Custom alligator seat by Master Lugo’s Custom Upholstery
  • Powder coating on the engine by Iron Horse Motorcycles in Pasadena, TX
  • Show cut on the engine head
  • Windshield by WindVest
  • Custom designed fenders
  • Chrome swing arm covers and down arms
  • Braided Lines by Iron Mikes 
  • Harley-Davidson LED speedometer
  • Custom license plate for breast cancer by
  • Custom light package underneath
  • Custom floor boards
  • Custom grips, shifters, and brake
  • Custom mirrors
  • Pink spark plug wires

Shelly’s favorite piece of gear is her limited edition GMax Pink Ribbon Helmet.


Many of the aftermarket items were purchased on ebay.

Visit The Pink Angel online at “Pink Angel” BCA (#ThePinkAngel) Facebook Group or the brand-new #ThePinkAngel Pinterest Board.

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19 thoughts on “The Pink Angel: Creating Awareness for Breast Cancer

  1. Pink Bluett says:

    I am Joe’s girlfriend..I am a Breast cancer survivor and uterine too. I wear pink all day every day and ride my pink machine as much as I can. Pink is an attitude…..

    • Shelly Griffith says:

      I absolutely agree, Pink is both an attitude and a way of life. Congratulations on fighting and winning your battle. You ARE a SURVIVOR!!! Love the tats.. I have several myself! 🙂

  2. Hope Courier says:

    Is there any way u would create T-shirt’s or something to raise funds for this? I am the state of Illinois

  3. Tammy Davis says:

    I’ve just recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and am scheduled for surgery on June 25th. This Bike is beautiful and it’s so inspiring to see how you’re using it for breast cancer awareness… I thought it was a replica that could be ordered with proceeds donating a percentage to Breast cancer research.. This is awesome.

  4. Shelly Griffith says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis but keep your head up….attitude is 1/2 the battle. Thank you for looking at the story of my PinkAngel. She is a one of a kind, made in a garage with birthday, Christmas and vacation money. LOL. Thank you for acknowledging our efforts to make awareness happen. Every little bit helps. 😀

  5. Patty says:

    I personally love all the pink stuff. But……it represents awareness. I think as women, we are all now aware. A cure needs to be found and all the money donated,…..?
    I lost my sister and sister in law to breast cancer. My youngest daughter is a 2 year survivor. I am a 9 month survivor.

  6. Diane says:

    The bike is beautiful, sadly my sister lost her battle in 2015, Terri would have absolutely loved to have seen this bike, thank you from my heart for bringing awareness through your custom design

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