Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike

As a self-professed “Tomboy Diva” Kimberly Hicks started her two and four-wheel adventures through the rural countryside of Crittenden, Kentucky, where riding quads and dirt bikes is a way of life. She recalls it was at the early age of three that she learned how to ride a dirt bike before ever straddling a bicycle. So, it is no surprise that she has no problem with getting a “little dirty” when having a bit of fun.

The Camo Lifestyle

Kimberly admits that she has a bit of a “Camo Obsession,” starting with her clothes and then filtering down to her adorning accessories. If it is in camouflage, especially if it is pink, Kimberly probably has it or will eventually get it.

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike

Her love of camouflage is much more than a fashion statement or something to wear while hunting in the woods, to her it also represents a lifestyle. One that naturally inspired her to customize her motorcycle with the very pattern that has in a lot of ways symbolized her life.

“Like camouflage I change with the seasons but I am still within the same back drop, only with an added splash of color to keep things interesting”


Muddy Girl Camo Takes it to the Street

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike
2001 Suzuki LS 650 P Savage “Muddy Girl Camo” Hydro Dip

It was just three years ago (2013) when Kimberly went from the trails to the street with her first motorcycle, a 2001 Suzuki LS 650 P Savage. With all her experience of riding through fields and in the woods, it didn’t quite prepare her for maneuvering a motorcycle on the street.

At first she found it to be a very difficult transition from dirt to pavement and was extremely nervous at having to be aware of a lot more obstacles other than a few friends and the odd animal crossing her path. With practice and a tenacity for accomplishing a challenge, Kimberly’s efforts rewarded her with success.


“Dirt is more forgiving and a bit softer to fall on.”

When Kimberly purchased her Suzuki, it was in a color she was not too fond of. For her, the blue just had to go. So even before she heard it run, she immediately had it shipped off to Florida to get it hydro dipped at Hydro Dip Masters. She chose a “Muddy Girl Camo” theme and had it dipped around the tank, fenders and side panels of her motorcycle.


Not Just One, but Two Muddy Girl Camo Vinyl Wraps

When Kimberly purchased her current bike in 2015, a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 VZ800, by a strange coincidence it too was in her least favorite color. There was no denying that it too was going to get an immediate makeover.

Kimberly first had her bike lowered and when it came to the design, she of course was going to embrace yet another version of the “Muddy Girl Camo” theme again. Kimberly decided to go with a vinyl wrap this time from a local company in Kentucky, Hedge Hog Signs.

Muddy Girl Camo Bike - Before
2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 VZ800 Before
Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike
“Muddy Girl Camo”’ Vinyl Wrap Take 1

After a season of riding she realized that the new design just didn’t cut it and lacked that feeling of pride for her. She sought out Frank at South Gates Signs who had the exact print that she had been looking for and had the vinyl wrap replaced on the side panels, tank, and both fenders. Now when she looks and rides her bike she thinks, “Oh yeah, this is my bike!”

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike
2006 Suzuki Boulevard M50 VZ800 “Muddy Girl Camo” Vinyl Wrap Take 2

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike
Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike
There is no mistaking that this camouflage print—with its splash of pink to bring out the “Diva” in this “Tomboy”—has a way of drawing one’s attention instead of blending in with the scenery.


An Adventurous Camo Union

Tomboy Diva on Tail of the Dragon
Tail of the Dragon Wedding Ride

Tomboy Diva wedding

The summer of 2015 also marked a special union for Kimberly. In true “Camotastic” flare her wedding day was as unique as she is and was nothing like a conventional wedding. Kimberly and Jerry said their vows at the Tail of the Dragon then proceeded with a wild ride down it.

Kimberly continued her extraordinary way of celebrating their special day by taking to the mud on a quad to “Trash the dress.”

Her thoughts on it were that she had “married her soul mate and would never again need to wear the dress.” There was no doubt that she had a blast of a good time getting down and dirty in the mud.

Tomboy Diva trashes wedding dress

“A memory that will forever stay with me, better than shoving my dress in a box.”


Camo Glam to Disney Princess

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo BikeWhile in the midst of raising her three boys and working two jobs Kimberly donates her spare time to helping the terminally ill children in her community.

Right from the pages of a fairytale, Kimberly transforms herself into a variety of Disney Princesses from Cinderella to Pocahontas and visits the children to spread a little magic into their lives.

Kimberly’s big heart and giving nature also extends to participating in a variety of charity rides with her husband Jerry.


A Few of Kimberly’s Favorite Things

Kimberly finds most of her “Camolious” ensembles at her favorite online shops like Moon Shine Camo where the Muddy Girl Camouflage® print can be found. Kimberly also finds a lot of her accessories ranging from city chic to down home country at The Pretty In Pink Camo Shop.

Tomboy Diva and her Muddy Girl Camo Bike

For this energetic country gal her favorite hangout is at the Rabbit Hash Kentucky Old Time General Store, an old-fashioned gathering place that always has something going on. As well, even though they are not members, they enjoy riding alongside a social club called the Bourbon Boys of Northern Kentucky. But nothing can compare to her all-time favorite ride of loading up the saddlebags and heading out to destinations unknown with her true love.

You can connect with Kimberly on Facebook or find her hanging out with the Women Riders Motorcycle Group USA


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