[DIY Bling] Bling Motorcycle Helmet with Red Swarovski Crystals + How To Video


Photo by Owassoisms

Wherever Venus Woods Monyhan rides people ask about her bling motorcycle helmet and crystal motorcycle. Some of the questions she gets are:

  • How do you apply the Swarovski crystals?
  • Do you need a pattern or stencil?
  • How long does it take?
  • How many crystals do you use?
  • How much does it cost when you bling it yourself?
  • How do you clean your crystal helmet?

Lucky for us Venus photographs her bling process and loves to share her experience. Even on rides she brings along her tools, glue, and crystals to show others how she does it. Rather than talk about it, Venus provides a visual demo for those who want to know how to bling a helmet.


“I have people always asking me how I apply the crystals…at bike shows and seriously everywhere I ride. I always take my tools, glue, and crystals with me to demonstrate the way I apply them. I found it easier. Visual demo!”


Venus on custom harley swaorvski crystal motorcycle

Recently we featured Venus and her crystal Harley here on Biker Girl Bling. Read the story at “Custom Crystal Harley Davidson Softail is a Shining Star.” You’ll learn how she customized her crystal motorcycle and see her other bling motorcycle helmet.


A Collection of Custom Bling Motorcycle Helmets


The red crystal helmet with paw prints is actually Venus’s third DIY bling helmet project. The first custom helmet was a practice project to learn how to bling a motorcycle helmet. And the second crystal helmet features her name—“Venus.”


Venus’s first practice helmet blinged out with rhinestones. This helmet was used to bling the red crystal helmet after the rhinestones were stripped off.
For her second helmet Venus started with several rows of purple then added clear Swarovski crystals. She added in her name without using a stencil.
Front and back of Venus’s third bling motorcycle helmet using red Swarovski crystals and featuring her dog angels’ paw prints.


Both men and women love her bedazzled motorcycle helmets. They can’t believe the Swarovski crystals are actually put on one at a time. She’s even told they need to put on their sunglasses. And her husband says he sees a disco ball when he looks in his rear view mirror.

Fellow rider friends of Venus immediately know it’s her because of her bling helmet. Complete strangers ask if they can take pictures of Venus, her bling motorcycle helmet, and crystal bike. To that Venus simply says,


“I want to be seen.”


Here is a video of the final blinged out motorcycle helmet:



“Never leave your helmet on your bike. It will be stolen!”


Want to know how she does it? This is the process Venus used to customize her red crystal bling motorcycle helmet.


How to Bling a Motorcycle Helmet

By Venus Woods Monyhan

My process is simple. I start by having all my tools ready and a clean helmet. I clean it with glass cleaner and dry it with soft microfiber cloth. I open a window—weather permitting—for ventilation due to the fumes from the glue. Otherwise, I turn on a circulating fan.


My tools. I use a little wood box for the Swarovski crystals I’m using, syringe with E6000 glue, and a container with little compartments. It keeps the crystal sizes organized.


In this video Venus shows us how she sets things up when preparing to bling her motorcycle helmet. After removing the rhinestones from her practice helmet, it is ready to be re-blinged.

I start at the bottom of the motorcycle helmet and bling to the top. I go around and do one row and then do the next row above that one. I do not use any pattern to design my helmet.


First row started, then three rows down!


Front of the motorcycle helmet. I added purple at the bottom on the bill of the helmet. Then followed with more clear crystal.


I then started applying red crystals at the bottom of helmet going around the back of the helmet.


On this helmet I made a stencil of my mastiffs’ actual paw prints received from the vet office when they passed.


This is how I put the paw prints on the back. Moe is on the left. Catherine is on the right. I used a permanent marker and traced them on. Then removed the paper. This is the only thing I have ever used a pattern/stencil on.


Black Swarovski crystals are used to outline the paw prints. Then more red crystals were added to the helmet while working my way around the paw prints.


I mainly use 20ss size Swarovski crystals and then smaller sized ones to fill in any gaps. I order several sizes just to be safe.


I’m filling in the paw prints with clear crystals to make them pop against the black outline. This is an area where I used smaller size crystals in areas where a 20ss didn’t fit.


Close up of bill/visor.


Almost done!


I take my time. It is very important to make your helmet look amazing and not like a rush job!


Video showing Venus’s progress of the DIY bling motorcycle helmet.


Step-by-step adding crystals to your bling motorcycle helmet


Materials used:
Flat back Swarovski crystals, E6000 glue

Tools needed:
Crystal Katana Rhinestone pickup tool, tweezers, syringes with tips. Tips are included with the syringes.

Where to get them:
Rhinestone Biz – A great company with good prices.

Time to do:
This red crystal helmet took about 24 hours. It was tedious because of the paw prints. Venus’s second helmet (the purple one) took about 10 hours.

  1. Get the right tools. Remember to ventilate your work area.
  2. Having the helmet up to eye level helps. I use a spice lazy Susan with a round piece of styrofoam on the top of it. My helmet sits right down over it. This allows me to be able to turn the helmet without having to handle it a lot.
  3. Do not put too much glue in the syringe. It will dry out over night. Put glue in syringe without the tip on. Push glue up with the plunger to top of syringe. This gets air out of it. Next place tip on it. Squirt a little glue out on a paper towel before starting. Make sure you have all your materials ready to use by you. I like to use a piece of aluminum foil when I need to lay my syringe down.
  4. Less is best. Do not use too much glue. Just a small dot. When first starting to learn only put about five (5) dots of glue on helmet. Then use the rubber tipped Katana tool to pickup the crystal. The rubber will stick to the crystal. Place the crystal on the dot of glue gently and press down and make one twisting action and lift tool. Repeat for the next dots of glue.
  5. If you put too much glue on and the glue leaks out from under the crystal use a toothpick or your fingernail to wipe away.
  6. Placement of crystals is a personal choice. I have done it several ways. Placing crystals directly under the crystal above it is one way. Another is to stagger them. Place the crystal in the middle of two crystals above it.
  7. There will be areas where a 20ss size won’t fit. That’s where the small sizes come in. Again, order several different smaller sizes.
  8. Once I’m done I go back and remove any excess glue which I didn’t see or remove during the blinging process. The extra glue removed is where it leaked out around the crystals while applying. Using too much glue causes that.
  9. I use sharp pointed tweezers. Sometimes while pulling off/removing the glue a crystal will come off. I remove any dried glue from the back of the crystal. Then I reapply a little glue to the motorcycle helmet and put it back on. I try to remove all excess glue but if it’s not that noticeable I leave it.
  10. Once complete let your helmet sit for at least 24 hours.


[VIDEO] How To Apply Swarovski Crystals to a Motorcycle Helmet


See Venus in action as she applies Swarovski crystals to her motorcycle helmet one at a time.


If a bug gets on my helmet then I use a soft cloth with water and clean it off.


It’s really a trial and error project. Making it fun helps! You can always take off the crystals if you don’t like the placement or design.


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Need some DIY helmet bling inspiration?

Venus recommends searching ETSY. There are some beautiful helmets and other bling showcased there.

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16 thoughts on “[DIY Bling] Bling Motorcycle Helmet with Red Swarovski Crystals + How To Video

  1. Deva says:

    All helmets vary in cost, how many crystals by size, and how to apply…
    There is never an exact how to way of blingn a full helmet!
    They will always differ no matter what!
    So there is no one way, wrong way when it comes to blingn a full helmet!
    As a professional when it comes to these post…
    We wish everyone to try however they wish!
    No matter what it will look exactly what your wanting!
    Also check out CrystalNinja on DIY;))))

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Your are correct . Helmet size and crystal size vary…hence the amount of crystals needed vary! Making it fun and making it your own is worth the effort! I encourage ladies to just start!! The placement of crystals is truly free range. No one way is right or wrong! The Joy of creating your on helmet is priceless! Making it your own is very rewarding.

  2. Karen Jurasinski says:

    I did flames on one of my helmets. I googled flame patterns and picked the one I liked the best, printed it out the played with the size on my printer. When I got the size I wanted I cut out the pattern so it would fit the curve of the helmet better. I used a tailors pencil to trace around the pattern. And then I started gluing. I did just the outline but started the tips of the flames in red then changed to orange then yellow then clear. Turned out great!

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Great way to get the flames on your helmet! I bet it’s beautiful. Possibilities are endless when we Bling!

  3. Liz says:

    Love it! I ride a gold Harley Softail and looking forward to blinging my helmet!! Question: I realize helmets come in all shapes and sizes – but I’d like an idea (approximately) of how many 22ss crystals to buy. About how many did you use for the red helmet?

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello Liz. Thank you for your compliment. For my red helmet I first ordered 1 gross(144 pieces) of both the Light Siam and Jet crystals in size 20ss. This way I could see if that was truly the colors I wanted.
      Then I ordered 21 gross = 3024 crystals light Siam 20ss
      I also order smaller sizes to fill in areas where needed.
      1 gross=144 of light Siam 9ss
      10gross=1440 of light Siam 12ss
      I ordered 11 gross =1584 crystals of Jet crystals 20ss
      I always order more than I need.
      I have approx. 1000 Siam left
      I only used about 125-150 of Jet(black)
      Clear crystal I used about 140-150 various sizes
      Purple I used Approx. 200 in various sizes
      As you can see I over order instead of reordering. I can use the remaining crystals on my next helmets, etc.
      It’s a guess as to how many you need to order. It does depend on helmet size and for sure crystal sizes. The bigger the crystal the more area it covers so it takes less crystals.
      I wish you the best. Happy blinging. Sorry my answer was not a specific number.
      Now if you had asked me how many crystals I used on my Engine Guard it was 4032!
      Hope this helps.

  4. JW says:

    Please advise so the rhinestones alone cost for the beautiful red helmet is appropriately $390 is that about right?

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello. The red and purple crystals are more expensive to buy than the clear crystals. Just for reference:
      EX: 10gross(1440) clear 20ss $66.66
      10gross(1440) red 20ss $78.48
      I didn’t count the crystals…therefore I can’t give you an accurate cost for just the Swarovski Crystals. Next helmet I’ll have to count them!!
      Happy blinging,

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello. I think that’s great! I suggest starting with the smaller parts which are removable..ex. gas cap, mirrors, etc. Have fun and make it your own. Please post pictures when you can!

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello. Lisa is correct. I do not currently bling for anyone. However, I do instruct ladies on how to bling. I have lots of ladies ask you for instance at my bike show. I actually take my tools, glue, and crystals to my show. It’s like show and tell!! If you decide to do it yourself buy inexpensive rhinestones and NOT Swarovski crystals to practice. That way you aren’t out alot of money. Then when you feel you have the technique down buy your Swarovski Crystals. Practice on something small ex: cell phone case, etc.

    • Venus Monyhan says:

      Hello. I use E6000 on all my applications of Swarovski Crystals. I’ve never had any issues with them coming off. Hope that helps. E6000 is the best!

  5. Venus Monyhan says:

    Hello. I think that’s great! I suggest starting with the smaller parts which are removable..ex. gas cap, mirrors, etc. Have fun and make it your own. Please post pictures when you can!

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