[DIY BLING] Hot Pink Paddock Pumps

DIY Bling - Hot Pink Paddock Pumps

In a nod to the style of MotoGP’s famous Paddock Girls, Paula Lalonde of Kitchener, Ontario created her own Paddock Pumps—the customized, hot pink shoe for this “ride or die” biker girl when she’s not on the road.

Snowy Days for a Crafty Project

Stuck inside during the long Canadian winter, Paula gets crafty. The previous winter she blinged out her full-face helmet with crystals, spikes and skulls. And last year she tried something different when she found the perfect hot pink shoes.

Starting with the sexy, sky-high pump, Paula added a little magic using hand-selected crystals and industrial strength glue.

Materials used:
crystals, vinyl wrap, industrial strength glue

Where to get them:
local craft store

Tools needed:
scissors, X-Acto knife, needle nose pliers and patience

Time to do:
approximately 8-10 hours to hand cut all the decals with scissors and an X-Acto knife — using print offs as a pattern, then placing each stone.

Paddock Pumps before

Paddock Pumps in progress

Paula utilized the same type of  “kiss of death” vinyl sticker she has on her own black 2004 Suzuki GSX-R600 windscreen, along with the same kinds of spikes and bling she had customized her helmet with the winter before. And of course the logos—in carbon fiber—represent her bike.

Paddock pumps to match her bike and helmet

Instant Celebrity with Her Own Biker Girl Bling

The effect, in a word, is awesome. Although she doesn’t ride with them, Paula brought her Paddock Pumps along on a recent motorcycle trip with her husband to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. The area was packed with tourists, and while doing a photo shoot in her glamour gear she got numerous questions, compliments and even requests for photographs of her and her creations!

Paula and her paddock pumps

Paula and her paddock pumps

These photos were taken in the mountains of Tennessee by Paula’s husband.

Paula and her paddock pumps


Paddock Pumps and Beyond

Paula has a few more tricks up her sleeve-and has already planned several new pump styles. She’s just looking for the right pumps to express her vision. Paula’s Paddock Pumps are Patent Pending.

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Don’t have time to DIY Bling?

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