[DIY BLING] Sparkly Bling Motorcycle Helmet with Swarovski Crystals


Who says bedazzling can’t be badass?

Not every female rider is into skulls and spikes. Some prefer a more girly look and like to bling it up instead. No matter what your preference, adding a little shimmer to your motorcycle, helmet, and/or accessories will make it unique and still badass.

While attending Babes Ride Out 6 I spotted this sparkly bling motorcycle helmet from a distance and had to get a closer look. The owner of this bedazzled helmet is Sonia Stewart, a photographer and motorcycle enthusiast from La Quinta, CA who loves to bling.


“I am a lover of all things sparkly. For some reason, when I see sparkles, I am mesmerized and can just stare at it and get lost in my own world.”


Sonia at Babes Ride Out 6

When asked about her DIY bling motorcycle helmet she was more than happy to tell us all about it….the process, materials used, and how people react to it.


Attention Grabbing Shimmer

One thing’s for sure, Sonia’s custom bling motorcycle helmet definitely catches people’s attention.

Back of the helmet. She also has a lovely bling hair glove to match.


“It’s almost as if people don’t cut me off the road because they want to see what this sparkly thing on my head is. I get stopped for compliments and pictures all the time. Nobody notices my bike anymore, haha.”


Materials used

E6000 glue

One pack of 720 ss20 Swarovski crystals
One pack of 144 ss16 Swarovski crystals
One pack of 144 ss12 Swarovski crystals
Two Packs of 36 ss30 Swarovski crystals

For a total of 1,080 Swarovski crystals

Where to get them


Tools needed


Time to Do

3 evenings

E6000 glue and Swarovski crystals: ss12, ss16, and ss20 (ss30 not shown). Photo by Sonia Stewart.
To give you an idea of size, here’s an ss20 on top of the dime. Photo by Sonia Stewart.


The Bling Process

Every single crystal was hand placed on Sonia’s purple HJC Cosmos helmet.


Sonia traced along the white painted heart on the existing design, small sections at a time, with the glue.

Photo by Sonia Stewart.

Then she placed about 10 crystals, one by one. Repeating the process she applied more glue, more crystals, and so on.

As the white painted heart design changed widths, so did the size of the crystals used.


Photo by Sonia Stewart.

The entire helmet was completed over a period of three evenings while watching TV after dinner. Or, as she jokes, “playing Candy Crush, lol.” Sonia also said, “sitting in my chair and blinging out my helmet was very soothing to do.”


Rhinestones vs. Swarovski Crystals

Sonia considered using rhinestones because of the cost, saying “you can buy giant packs of thousands in multiple sizes for about $15.”


“However, rhinestones are made of plastic and don’t hold its clarity well. Swarovski stones are real crystals and the radiance they give off is well worth the extra few dollars.“


Her total investment with the glue was $79.


Photo by Sonia Stewart.

When Sonia started to run out of the sizes needed mid-project she turned to Amazon with Prime shipping to get some more fast.


Cat Ears Motorcycle Helmet Accessory

Sonia got her cute black cat ears from Ebay. She says these are always on and are attached with very strong Velcro.

They don’t shift a bit, even on freeway speeds. I did modify them just a little. I used some black floss and a needle and sort of tethered them to stay upright. Before, as soon as I moved, the ears would go flat. After a five-minute tethering job, they stay perked up and don’t catch any wind.


Future plans

When it comes to bling, the question Sonia asks herself is “when do I say enough is enough?”


I don’t know when to stop. It started with my helmet, only in certain parts as to not be overbearing. Now, I’ve added to my bike…the front fender, the ends of the handlebars, my speedometer. Even then, my helmet is still what makes people see me.


Connect with Sonia


You can connect with Sonia on Instagram @photomotochic. Do you have a DIY Bling project you’d like to share? Then get in touch. We’d love to hear about it.


Don’t have time to DIY Bling?

Then check out the bling motorcycle helmets on Etsy. Several merchants do incredible custom work blinging helmets, some even to your specs!


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