Frequently Asked Questions

What would you like to know?

No. Biker Girl Bling is a unique directory of products made and sold by other retailers. We simply compile them so you can view them all in one place. When you click on a product you will either be automatically directed to the other retailer’s website or if is an item from Amazon you will see a link that says ‘BUY ON AMAZON’ at which point you will be directed to the listing on Amazon. For more information about WHAT Biker Girl Bling is, check out our About Page.

Here’s the deal. Although we would love to help out, the products on our website are all the products of other merchants. This website is merely a directory of cool items specifically for women motorcycle enthusiasts. That means it isn’t possible to donate that which is not ours. And so we recommend you reach out directly to the other merchants who are selling the items you are interested in having donated. We are hoping to have our own items at some point so that we CAN participate, but for now, the answer is “no.”

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Simple! Sign up for our newsletter. We will keep you updated on the latest features, keep you “in the know” with women-specific gear/accessory/riding tips and let you know about any cool contests and special offers that are available. Click here to sign up. We promise we won’t annoy you with a flood of emails. Currently it’s only a couple a month.

Just to be different! All kidding aside, we know that most all riders can be considered ‘street’ riders. We are defining ‘sporty’ girls as those who take more risks, love speed, and generally want more protective gear. ‘Cruiser’ girls are a little more laid back with their riding style, even if they do turn up the throttle every once in awhile. Usually they are less concerned with protection and style is top priority. These are pretty wide generalizations we know, but it works for us as far as sorting the wide variety of gear available. The other riding styles are pretty self-explanatory.

We are adding products from multiple merchants and have a system in place that removes duplicates based on the product name. Merchants, however, may use different naming systems for identifying their products, thereby causing an identical product to appear more than once. As we refine our product population we will continue to find ways to eliminate more duplicate items.

Our database of products is being continually updated. When a product becomes no longer available it is deleted from our website. It may or may not re-appear if it becomes available again. What we suggest is that if you see something you like, go on and GET IT now!

Fabulous! We are very interested in hearing about the products you use and love so we can include them too. Depending on the amount of requests we get, it may take some time to get them on our site, but we will strive to make it happen. Please use the Feedback Form to make your recommendation.

While we do our best to keep prices synced with the merchants selling the item there is the very rare occasion when a person sees the product on our site shortly after the merchant changed pricing and the re-sync hasn’t occurred yet. In this case you would see a different price. Another way you might see this is if we have a different variation on our site than the merchant has (for example we are showing the small size but you are directed to the large size). Merchants sometimes price sizes, colors, and other variations differently. We sync the products on Biker Girl Bling every single day (rain or shine) unless there happens to be a technical glitch. If you do view a different price on the merchants website all we can say is “Sorry.” It certainly isn’t intentional.

As the website is still relatively new, we are currently building up our audience. It wouldn’t make sense to get this rolling until we have sufficient web traffic to accommodate advertisers. But when it arrives, be the first to know by SIGN UP NOW! We already have a Facebook fan base of over 15K fans, so we have no doubt this site will build quickly. Women riders are quite passionate about riding, and LOVE to shop for new gear and accessories. We know because we are among them!