16 Must-Have Etsy Picks for the Ultimate Biker Girl Gifts


It’s every Biker Girl’s time to shine. Whether you’re looking for a gift for yourself, your riding BFF or the special woman motorcycle rider in your life, we’ve compiled Etsy’s very best products for motorcycle lovers in one amazing list. Check out our incredible gift guide, and give good cheer to the ladies in your life who love to ride.


1.  Biker Chick Pewter Necklace

pewter necklace biker girl gift

Life is in the details. And with this carefully crafted, delicately detailed charm necklace by Kathryn’s Collection, your biker girl friend can make a statement in her own sexy, subtle way. After all, check out the mix of old and new, with an antique pewter loop holding silver hearts and Swarovski crystals that frame a vintage silver motorcycle charm. Classy and understated, we like that it has just the right amount of sparkle. It lets everyone know….a Biker Girl is in the house!


2.  Bling Bandanas

bandanas-by-michelle biker girl gifts

Women motorcyclists know that long rides along dusty highways leads to the dreaded helmet hair at the end of the day—and the not so pleasant looking photos. Unless, of course, you tame it by wearing a bandana or some other kind of head wrap. You can never have too many hair tamers, but one of these nifty Bandanas by Michelle will definitely be a favorite and will definitely make you or your biker girl friend shine. It’s all about the high quality bling, attached securely and in all the right places. Gifting one of these sparkling beauties will definitely put you on the short list for being a very good girl or boy!


3.  Motorcycle Keychain

Custom Key Ring biker girl gifts

We all know how much fun riding the twisties can be. And this cool little keychain with its famous #bikerquote gives us a good reminder of how to gracefully handle the challenges of life using that analogy: “When life throws you a curve, lean into it.” This thoughtful gift reminds us to keep going and ride it out—in a fun, delightful way. Custom made by Wishing Willow Metal, the aluminum is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish or turn you green. We definitely appreciate that!


4.  Handmade Helmet Bows

Motorcycle bow biker girl giftsWomen motorcyclists have fought for the same high quality equipment as what’s provided to their male counterparts, and it’s worked. Bikers today enjoy the same products and protective gear for road and track. But hey, when it comes to accessorizing our stuff, we love the idea of a few little feminine tweaks to make things extra pretty. The bows by Lucky Yogi do just that—and we love it! Rhinestones, spikes and sparkles make these handmade, helmet add-ons the perfect nod to womanly charms for any Biker Girl.


5.  Fingerless Riding Gloves

Fingerless gloves biker girl giftsPerfectly functional and super sexy. These are the badass fingerless gloves bikers wear to make a statement. The pyramid studs, straps and metal hardware details make this pair look like they’re straight out of the Charlize Theron movie Mad Max: Fury Road—which the artisans at JungleTribe report was indeed the inspiration! Sized S-M-L, these gloves can be worn by both men and women.
comfy as well as gorgeous.


6.  Motorcycle Prints

Motorcycle print biker girl giftsThe quality of design and stellar graphics of these posters make them great gifts for anybody, but the fact that Inked Iron chooses to feature motorcycle-related images, well, that’s just icing on the cake. We love the heavy duty, Kraft paper backgrounds, the simple messages, the elegant illustrations related to our favorite sport. Some of the items found here were even created in collaboration with The Moto Lady. Funny and smart, these are visual reminders of all the reasons we love to ride. The walls of your Biker Girl garage or home never looked so good!


7.  Skull Suede Hair Ties

skull-hair-lace biker girl gifts

Because skulls go with motorcycling the way peanut butter goes with jelly. We know lady motorcyclists who come from all walks of life, professions and faiths, but get them on a motorcycle, and all of a sudden, they’re Biker Girls. Tough, fearless, and funny, a look from them leaves the hardiest biker quaking in his moto boots. These handcrafted skull suede hair ties by Vacation House are a celebration of that rough riding glamour—the perfect gift for a sweet, petite Biker Girl who turns into a warrior when she gets on two wheels.


8.  Spikes and Leather Accessories

Spikes and Leather biker girl giftsFor centuries, spikes and leather have been used for many purposes. From practical use in the armor of the middle ages to today’s use of adorning jackets, shoes, and accessories to provide a dramatic, bad-ass, rebellious fashion statement. Spikes and Leather USA has everything from belts, choker, cuffs, vest extenders, and boot bling to give your edgy rocker/punk/goth Biker Girl friend a gift she will love. We love their items because they are custom made with quality materials and offer the opportunity to give a gift that is truly unique.


9.  Motorcycle Coffee Mug

motorcycle-mug biker girl giftsMost of us love our coffee on those cold winter mornings. What better way to enjoy it than when our cup of joe comes with the positive message this mug brings along. The truth is, we leave the tedious commutes to the other guys. Shop owner Babalus by Lucy got it right with this mug. Two wheels really do move the soul. After all, as all women motorcyclists know, life is all about the ride.


10.  Biker Girl Hip Bags

Hip bag biker girl giftsStatus purses are hard to store and harder to wear when you’re on a motorcycle. It can be done, but many women riders prefer a sturdy, sexy hip bag instead. These by WC Couture fit the bill nicely to keep your “necessities” close and always within reach. Plus, the added leg strap will keep it from flying up while you ride. We love the antique brass hardware and roomy designs. Not to mention they’re made by hand right here in the U.S.A, one pack at a time. It’s the kind of authenticity and craftsmanship that fits with the values of the road. Quality. Integrity. And a whole lot of style.


11.  Custom Motorcycle Keychain

Custom Key Ring biker girl giftsThis cute motorcycle keychain by Promise Me Everything allows for further customization with the inclusion of an initial charm and one with a birthstone, too. With all these thoughtful, personalized add-ons, this is truly a gift that shows you care about a motorcycle rider as a individual, not just as another name on a holiday shopping list. And we love wearing our passions on our sleeve…and our keychains!


12.  Custom Bling Pumps

bling pumps biker girl giftsSo even Biker Girls don’t ride their motorcycles 24/7. In fact, some of us like to dress up once in awhile when we’re not on our bikes. What better way to get your glam on than with sparkly bling shoes? This Christmas give yourself the gift of custom bling pumps from JSparkles High Heels. Using rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, mirror glass pieces and a whole lot of handcrafted embroidery, Ms. Sparkles creates gorgeous looks made for Cinderella herself. If, of course, she rode a Kawasaki Ninja H2.


13.  Stivalettos

stivalettos biker girl gifts

The Italian word for “gaiters” translates into the hottest accessory we’ve seen yet for the style-focused Biker Girl. Made by hand in Carmel, Indiana by Kimberly Jo, these knee high creations transform any ordinary boots, sneakers, or even pumps into a high fashion, drop dead sexy look that works for any occasion, even riding. As noted on Etsy, “Stivalettos have proven to be an all weather, all temperature, stylish alternative to the traditional bulky biker chaps.” We love the customized sizing too, with the suede lacing that runs along the outside of each Stivaletto that makes them comfy as well as gorgeous. But please note that we are unable comment on the protection factor these may give you.


14.  Jeweled Motorcycle Helmets

Jeweled Motorcycle Helmets biker girl gifts

The sparkling crystal designs of these motorcycle helmets are inspired by the jewelry of Elizabeth Taylor, Carl Faberge and even England’s Royal Crown Jewels. Although not DOT approved, they certainly make a fashion statement. Made from real Swarovski gems and a whole lot of creative inspiration by Michelle Johnston and her team at The Family Jewels LLC, these motorcycle helmets are certainly works of art. Perhaps not right for every rider because of the lack of DOT approval, but they just may be for the lady who aspires to be Queen of the Road.


15.  Rhinestone Boots

Rhinestone boot accessory biker girl giftsBecause quite frankly, every Biker Girl needs some bling. And we love the idea that these artisans don’t just affix said bling to some random pair of shoes. No, you send them your favorite boots and GlassSlippersCC will work their sparkly magic on those tired heels, turning everyday blah into something glamorous and beautiful. If that isn’t a useful service, we don’t know what is. Now, can they do something to our garage?


16.  Etsy Gift Card

etsy biker girl giftsRiding a motorcycle is all about choices—the decisions that separate one person from the rest of the pack. Which turn to take, which road to ride, it’s all part of what makes us who we are. In fact, ask a motorcyclist why they love the sport, and you’ll get as many answers as points on a map. That’s why we love the Etsy gift card. It lets you go where you want to go, on a site dedicated to the unique and the one of a kind. Biker girl shopping at its finest.


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