10 Genius Motorcycle Gift Ideas For Your Female Riding Friends

10 Genius Motorcycle Gift Ideas

Looking for unique, quirky and sensational motorcycle gift ideas for your female riding friends? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve compiled a wicked list of our top 10 genius motorcycle gift ideas for women riders. From the comfortable to the inspirational, the personal and the pure FUN…we’ll help you find that perfect gift for that adventurous someone in your life.

1.  Super Comfy Underwear

Panties that won’t go for a ride when she does


If there’s one thing I loathe more than bad weather, it’s when my underwear goes along “for a ride,” if you catch my drift. Under layers of riding gear, readjustment isn’t nearly as convenient, nor subtle and elegant, might I add. Want to score huge brownie points with your motorbike riding BFF? Get her a pair (or five) of the Exofficio Give-and-Go Bikini Briefs, the most comfortable and reliable underwear you’ll ever find. Reliable because where you put them (i.e. on the outer contour of your butt cheeks) is precisely where you’ll find them at the end of the day.

The amazing thing about these briefs is that you seriously don’t even feel them on, the elastic doesn’t dig in, and no matter how many times you mount and dismount, they JUST.STAY.PUT. If that’s not all, they dry in an hour when washed and boast a dry-wick fabric that’s fab on a hot riding day. The distinct lack of VPL—visible panty line—doesn’t hurt either. Tell you girlfriend to hang-dry them (not in the dryer or they’ll shrink) and they’ll last her longer than a brand new pair of Heidenhau K60 tires.

2.  Ebook Readers

When she wants to a carry a whole library in the inside pocket of her bike jacket

I used to be an avid anti-ebook reader who stubbornly held on to the view that nothing beats holding a REAL book. That was until a fellow riding friend gave me one for Christmas three years ago. Within just a couple of hours, I admitted defeat and fell head over heels in love with my new favorite riding companion. Ebook readers, as it turns out, are not about replacing real books. They’re about the genius convenience of carrying an entire library (think hundreds, no, thousands of books) on a device which fits neatly in the inside pocket of my riding jacket. If your riding lady friend is an enthusiastic reader, and she doesn’t have an ebook reader yet then dare I say she would LOVE one, even if she doesn’t know it yet.


3. Merino Wool Undergarments

Because nipple-freeze is never cool

If there’s one thing which really seems to differentiate us riding gals from our male counterparts is the fact that we seem to suffer the cold so much more. The one thing we can’t do without? Fluffy Merino wool undergarments! A pair of Merino leggings and long-sleeve top can be worn for days on end without smelling like roadkill, are thin enough to be worn under snug-fitting riding gear (which is both safe and sexy) and keep the cold at bay. Because the only high-beaming should come from her motorcycle. If your riding buddy loves riding in winter as much as she hates the cold, Merino wool undergarments will be the single most appreciated gift she’ll ever receive.


4. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter

So her skin, and her bolts, can smell divine

Dry skin is the bane of all female riders’ existence. Between the woolen undergarments and synthetic pants, not to mention wind, dust and everything else, riding a bike is the epitome dehydrator. Not to mention the fact that, at the end of a full day’s ride, we all end up smelling like a hybrid between a mechanic and plastic’s factory. Our genius solution? The sublimely fragrant and hydrating Body Shop Cocoa Butter body moisturizers! We love them because they absorb quickly and keep skin supple, they smell insanely divine AND, if that’s not enough, they come in hardy plastic tubs that double as nuts and bolts containers. After two years, my strawberry tub still retains the fragrance and manages to perfume my entire bike side-box! Want to kill two birds with one tub of excellent body cream? Choose the Body Shop Cocoa Butter and your female riding friend will love you forever more.


5. The SheWee

When she’s busting to go and she IS on the go



Ever wondered what your buddy does when she’s busting for a pee and wearing 3 layers of heavy-duty bike-riding clothing?! You’re not the only one! Meet the SheWee: one of the most genius inventions for lady-bikers. The SheWee is advertised as the “ideal way to go when you really need to go and you’re on the go.” In other words, the best way to relieve a full bladder when you’re dressed like the Michelin-woman. An ergonomically shaped urinary device (aka female funnel) that allows women to pee standing up and, more importantly, without getting half undressed. Now, from an experienced perspective, there is a caveat: your friend will need to practice in the shower like her life depends on it or, at least, until she has that technique down pat so she doesn’t drench her entire biking outfit with her own pee. Been there, done that. However, once she does get the hang of it, she’ll never again head out on a bike trip without it. Do you need to have a comfortable and cozy friendship in order to give this as a gift? Hmm…probably. Then again, if you’re not best friends before Christmas and you give her such a nifty gift, you certainly will be by New Year’s!

6. Travel Coffee Press

For that motorbike riding coffee addict you know and love



Bike riders lead a life of infinite balance. Balance between carrying too much and not enough, between having a bike that’s easy to handle and having a life that’s too miserable to enjoy. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about that all too familiar “instant vs. real coffee” dilemma. One is easy to carry and easy to make and the other is the thirst-quenching drink of the gods. So which one shall it be for your beloved female riding friend? Why make her choose when she can have the best of both worlds?! There’s a fantastic range of travel coffee presses out there, which range from the cheap and cheerful Bodum Travel Press (an all-in-1 press & mug) to the Handpresso, which is dearer but delivers barista-quality short blacks, even though it looks more like a bicycle pump rather than the coffee-genie it actually is. Know your lady friend to be a coffee snob? Go on, impress her (and her tastebuds) with a travel coffee press and (if you’re not already) you’ll soon be her new BFF. Because life on two wheels is hard enough as it is…why add instant Nescafe to the mix?


7. A Menstrual Cup

If you want to impress her with your avant-garde gift-giving skills

We’ll start off by saying that all the above-mentioned gift ideas are precisely that: wonderful gift ideas which will make your lady friend’s riding life that much easier. But here is an item that is a lot more than just a genius gift: the menstrual cup is an absolute must have. Now, before you run screaming to the next gift, hear us out. Yes, gentlemen…we’re talking to you. If you’re reading this, it obviously means that you’re in the market for a super duper excellent gift idea for a friend whom you adore. If she is that friend than this is that gift. So brush that embarrassment aside and keep reading.

The menstrual cup has completely revolutionized female riders’ lives and, even though we admit not everyone gets the hang of it so easily, those riding girls who do tame the latex beast swear it is an absolute game-changer. So read our review of the DivaCup and you’ll realize why buying your friend THIS gift will ensure YOUR name will skyrocket to the very top of her favorite-people-in-the-world list.


8. An Inspiring Book

Perfect for that female friend who’s just starting off on two wheels


The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950
The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950

The world is full of adventurous women on two wheels and, contrary to popular belief, always has been. Yet for motorcycle-virgins the idea to set off towards the horizon alone, on a saddle, may be a little daunting. This is especially true if they don’t happen to count many motorbiking girlfriends in their midst. Want to do something really special? Inspire her. The American Motorcycle Girls 1900-1950 is a wonderful collection of American female motorcycle pioneers, an inspiring group of women who broke the mold, exploded out of the social norms of the early 1900’s and chased freedom and adventure on two wheels. There’s an array of fantastic motorcycle books on the market written by women, but when it comes to true inspiration we find this to be the ideal book. Because unlike the present day—when sexist attitudes towards biking are seen as old-school—these ladies fought tooth and nails against everyone and everything to follow their passion, at a time when women were to be seen and not heard. There’s nothing more inspiring than that.

9. Women’s Bling Motorcycle T-shirts

For that cool and sassy biking chick


BikerChick Bling T-shirt
BikerChick Bling T-shirt

One of my all-time favorite T-shirts has an awesome “BikerChick” logo at front and is studded with rhinestones. Not only is the actual quality of the T-shirt top-notch, but the design represents all that I am: a no-nonsense biker with a touch of princess.

If that also perfectly embodies your female riding femme fatale friend, then go ahead and get her one of the many bling T-shirts that are specifically aimed at biker chicks. They’re cool, sexy, witty and she’ll love the fact that she can show off her passion even when if she’s off her bike.


10. Guardian Bells

To keep those little evil spirits at bay


motorcycle bell with crystals | rhinestone biker bell for women
This beautiful motorcycle bell from Sparkle Rider is handcrafted with high quality crystals and comes with a luxurious looking gift box that is sure to delight your female friend.

Let it be known that in every woman’s motorcycle there lives a little tribe of evil spirits who love nothing more than to cause havoc at the least convenient time. They’ll flatten the battery when you’re out bush-camping in the middle of nowhere, they’ll blow the regulator when you are a thousand miles away from the nearest spare-part shop, and they’ll punch a hole through the tire when you’re riding home at night. True story! If you want to keep your friend’s spirits high—not dry—then you’d do well to get her a gorgeous set of biker bells, to keep her safe from the despicable clutches of malevolent gremlins. In case you’re wondering: yes, these are closely related to the evil little people who hide in our closets and sew up our motorbiking pants at night while we sleep, but there are no guardian angels to protect against those monsters. Legend has it that guardian angel motorcycle bells have twice the magical protective powers when received as a gift. So do your girlfriend a favor and gift her the most beautifully sentimental safety gear for her beloved bike.

Your Turn

Calling out all female bike riders! Why not help our readers and add to this list? If you’ve ever received a genius, handy, hilarious or utterly irreplaceable motorcycle gift, let us know all about it in the comments below.

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