Motorcycle Gifts for Him: Hubby’s Top Ten Holiday Hints List


It’s hard to say it out loud, but Santa’s coming! Tis the season, and if you’re a moto-lady, then chances are pretty good you’ve got a moto-man. So finding motorcycle gifts for him is probably on your “To Do” list…and if you haven’t thought about it yet, well, here’s a jump start for you!

I enlisted the help of my hunky hubby to give me a list of things for my own secret shopping list… I mean, for the writing of this article. This motorcycle gifts list is pretty price broad, from super cheap/free, to all-out splurge. And most of these suggestions are good for bikers of all riding styles and even whether they are professional or amateur. (I left his words in quotes, mostly so you can get some insight into a man’s way of thinking, lol!) His motorcycle gift ideas were very helpful, and hopefully these ideas will spark some of your own for the gift that really gets your man’s engine revving!


1. Favorite Moto T-Shirts

“Guys can’t have enough t-shirts…”


Brand specific is always a hit, but I prefer to go for vintage or witty sayings. Etsy is a fantastic resource for unique gifts for motorcycle riders, and you are supporting small business owners as well. You can also custom a saying or color from most of the shops for a very reasonable price…plus, you can snag one for yourself, you know…for “quality control testing…” 😉


Kickstart Motorcycle T-Shirt by SpeedThirteen on Etsy



Is My Bike Ok T-Shirt Funny Biker T-Shirt by 1776 Clothing on Etsy



I LOVE it when MY Wife® Tshirt by UnicornTees on Etsy


2. Motorcycle Quick Wash

S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is a good product that mean less time cleaning and more time riding.”


This awesome product makes a great gift for all motorcycle lovers and Amazon ships it straight to your door, too! I use the S100 on my own Diva, and I LOVE how fast and easily it gets rid of road grime and dirt. Tar just wipes right off, and it dries to a smooth shine. (Do they make this stuff for children too?)


3. Wall art

“For guys who are passionate about riding, good wall art is always appreciated.”


“Could be for the man cave, could be for the office. It works, every time.”

One year, I took close-up pictures of his bike parts in the shapes of letters, and made two collage frames for him. One that said RIDE, and one that said LOVE. He LOVES them, and since I picked the style frame and matting, I love them enough that we actually hung them in our bedroom.




And on this year’s last trip to ride the Dragon, I had one of our riding brothers (who happens to be a rock star photographer) take him and his bike to this gorgeous little lake for a mini bike photo session. I’m going to get this photo framed as a motorcycle gift for him for his office, so don’t tell him! 😉

Motorcycle Micah’s Ducati 996 Monoposto; photo by Karl Eiermann

Even if you don’t know a good photographer, your smartphone and a beautiful location can make for a fantastic photo he’ll LOVE to use as a screen saver slide show, or have framed. Big Time Win!


4. Track Day

“For the sport bike guys”


Check “the Google” to see if there’s an amateur day at your area track. Be sure and check into the required gear, as there are usually pretty specific needs. For example, when I gave my motorcycle man this gift for his birthday I noticed he was missing a spine protector. So one of his gifts that year was a spine protector to go along with the racetrack printout of dates. He was THRILLED.


5. Riding Gear

“The key here is the finding the best fit”


“Motorcycle gloves, pants, jackets, and helmets all have to fit right. Each brand is unique with their cut and shaping. Textile is usually easier for fitting generally, but leather is better in a crash.”

Shopping for this is really best done at the store with him, at least to find the right brand and size. Then you can bargain hunt for the best price online. If you already know his favorite brands and best fit, then sign up for the emails from or, and watch for sales from those suppliers, or free shipping offers from the site. I also love the site for gently used things like motorcycle jackets and gloves. BUT NEVER BUY A USED MOTORCYCLE HELMET FOR SAFETY REASONS. It’s fairly easy to tell if a jacket has gone down from pictures, but it’s just not worth the risk for used helmets. I have found some steals of a deal on leather jackets, pants, and gloves on this site. I even found some vintage Ducati shirts from Italy. He loved them.



6. Tools, if he works on his own bike

“A gift certificate to the mechanic if he doesn’t”


I SWEAR, we keep Harbor Freight in business. He’s there more than I’m at Hobby Lobby!


7. Luggage

“If they use their bike for commuting or touring”


Things like tank bags, saddlebags, or backpacks are worth their weight in gold for the guy on the go and can make a great gift. Also, the woman who rides with him will appreciate a clean smelling shirt when they arrive at their destination. Poshmark, CycleGear, and RevZilla are great resources for those items too. Just make sure any luggage you buy fits the bike.


8. A Motorcycle Trip (of any length)

“It’s the time with you on a bike that’s the real gift for him”


“It can be a low-cost, make-it-up-as-you-go budget hotel stay or camping trip, or even an all-out European vacation where motorcycles, routes, hotels, and food are covered. Just show up and ride.”

I think that says it all, gals. He just wants the chance to GO, with YOU. Take a day or twelve, and just GO. Give him a coupon, a charted map, or a printout of the hotel reservation. Just GO.


9. Bike inspired key fobs

“To keep their favorite bike key on”


“Note that some key fobs will flop around in the wind, so those that might cause damage to the paint or to the top triple clamp will probably not be used on the bike.”

Brand specific is, of course, always a hit, but he will also dig one or two with clever sayings on them. So think small, and if all else fails, get one for his car keys that will make him think of his ride every time he drives instead.



Leather Key Fob/ Belt Lanyard/ Key Chain made by Zombie Motor Co on Etsy



Engraved Leather Key Ring My Ride by Shaterra on Etsy



Motorcycle Gear Shift Key Fob by Nanashandmadebaby on Etsy


10. Why We Ride – the movie

“Very well done, appeals to all riders. Others include On Any Sunday (which is an old movie, but a good one!)”


Pretty self-explanatory motorcycle gift…Want to go even further? Plan an in-home “date night” with said movie, some popcorn and your beverage of choice. If you’re just not into movies, there are several fantastic riding books like Lee Park’s Total Control and Keith Code’s Twist of the Wrist (also as a DVD). (They are sport bike related, but the skills are universal for all riders for sure.) All of these are available on Amazon.


BONUS Hint: has some great gift ideas for him. I have purchased several things for my hunky hubby motorcycle man from here, and he’s loved everything. Some of the things I’ve purchased are cufflinks, rings, and an Apple watchband. All are great quality, genuine carbon fiber, and speak to his gear heart without screaming it in his boardroom job. Huge hit!

Hopefully this list has your motorcycle gift-giving juices flowing, and helped put you in the holiday spirit. Guys are easy to buy for if you connect to their passion. Hunky hubby also mentioned, “Understand whether he is completely devoted to one brand or is open to all brands. Does he like cruisers only, sport bikes only, American bikes, Euro bikes, or Japanese bikes? Is he drawn more to cafe racers, adventure bikes, or actual vintage bikes? His motorcycle could be an extension of his personality.” And when you find “that” you’ll be speaking his language. I have yet to find a material gift that means as much to my hunky hubby as anything moto-related. It speaks to his heart when I participate in and cater to his passion. Sharing it has brought us both joy. Hopefully this motorcycle gift ideas list helps Santa’s Helpers get ready for the big day!

Your Turn

Why not help our readers and add to this list? If you’ve given a gift to a motorcycle man in your life that has been a big hit let us know all about it in the comments below.

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21 thoughts on “Motorcycle Gifts for Him: Hubby’s Top Ten Holiday Hints List

  1. Shan says:

    As am planning to give my brother a gift related to bikes but could not decide. Because my brother loves bikes so much. After reading this article I finally decided what to give him. Thanks for sharing these useful ideas.

  2. Veronique Prezeau says:

    I’m definitely using this list as a reference for the holiday season + his BIRTHDAY is in December as well!

  3. Tee Maria aka Phoenix_onfire26 says:

    I found an awesome gift for my boyfriend for Christmas its a bracelet that looks like the chain on a sport bike. I haven’t received my order yet so I don’t know what it looks like in person but I know my motoman is gonna love it

  4. Jonyale says:

    I love the ideas tshirts are a must get and I do like the key fobs ring. Maybe a shoot later too since his after market rim is on
    Thank you!

  5. kelly says:

    Bike cleaners is always great for me cause he can clean my bike too… haha The movie “Why we ride”, I loved it.

  6. Nachar Boutin says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas! I’m planning a road trip with my man for his next gift. We always have the best time – just us and open road.

  7. Sherri L Allen says:

    I just met a man that is into bikes bad,so I want a perfect gift for him come christmas and now I know where to find that perfect gift.Thank you so much for sending me the email to begin with,to help get me started on what to get him.All the products you offer,are all so awesome looking and it’s so hard which one to choose for hm.Maybe I’ll just order all of them,really make his first christmas with me the best one yet.

  8. Darrah says:

    #6 is so true. I was trying to decide what to get my husband and now I think I will get him a gift card for Harbor Freight! Great ideas! Thank you

  9. Kathy says:

    Mine is a black t-shirt snob and won’t wear anything with writing. The cleaner would be a good stocking stuffer. I think some sexy photos of me on his bike would be right up his alley 😉

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