Where and How to Hang Your Motorcycle Bell [with VIDEO]


You got a new motorcycle bell. Great! Now, if you are wondering where to put your shiny new biker bell, this blog post will provide you with plenty of ideas no matter what kind of bike you ride.

When I gave my friend Kathleen the brand new Sparkle Rider Swarovski motorcycle bell she was nice enough to help me film a video that demonstrates the various hanging options. And on her bike — a gorgeous 2009 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe — she has plenty of locations to attach her new biker bell. Thanks, Kathleen!


Kathleen and I met through Lady Bikers of California. We were surprised to find out that we lived less than 10 minutes from each other. How cool is that?

Below is the video. But be sure to scroll down to view more than a dozen other examples of bell placements from the women motorcycle riders I surveyed for this article.



Motorcycle Bells for Bikers

The Sparkle Rider Swarovski crystal motorcycle bell is absolutely gorgeous and comes with a luxurious gift box. Not only will you ward off gremlins with the bell’s ring, you’ll also blind them with bling.

Averaging about an inch tall, these little motorcycles bells are also known as Gremlin Bells, Guardian Bells, Harley Bells or Spirit Bells. They are a kind of a good luck charm or a talisman attached to a bike to protect motorcycle riders during their travels.

A biker tradition for many years with the purpose to ward off road gremlins and evil spirits that cause trouble to the bike. Road gremlins are drawn to engine noise. What they like to do is to jump onto your engine and cause trouble and mischief. Road gremlins have been known to drain batteries, put nails in tires, or even blow the alternator when you are hundreds of miles away from a repair shop.

Motorcycles bells for bikers work by trapping the gremlins inside the bell and driving them insane with a constant ringing. This makes them lose their grip and eventually fall off your bike before any havoc has been done.

Giving a motorcycle bell as a gift keeps the recipient safe from road gremlins as it acts as a guardian angel. It spreads good karma and is why they make such wonderful motorcycle gifts. Not to mention, it’s inexpensive and is one of the best motorcycle accessories that you can give as a gift to bikers, whether they ride on 2-wheels, 3-wheels, a Harley Davidson cruiser, café racer, street bike, or pretty much any other kind of bike. Bikers love to receive them because it brings them good luck.


Legend of the Motorcycle Bell

According to legend, motorcycle bells for bikers have twice the magical protective power when given as a gift.

Upon opening the Sparkle Rider gift box, you’ll see a beautiful card with “The Legend.”


According to legend, harmful spirits lurk in the roadways and are always on the lookout for bikes to cling onto and cause mischief. These invisible beings are called “gremlins,” which means “to vex” in Old English. They latch themselves onto motorcycles causing mechanical misfortunes and bad luck. The myth goes on to say that to ward off these evil, malicious spirits, one has to affix a motorcycle bell onto the bike, ideally at the lowest part of the frame, to trap the gremlins inside and drive them insane with the constant ringing of the bell. This will make them lose their grip and eventually cause them to fall off. Legend also has it that the power of the gremlin bell doubles when it is gifted to the rider and that it should be kept by the intended recipient. This is so because the key to the bell’s power is good will, and the spiritual power of the bell is “activated” when someone who cares about them gives it as a gift. So share the good luck to all your riding friends.


So where do you put your new gremlin bell?


The preferred location to hang your gremlin motorcycle bell is close to the ground because it’s closer to where the road gremlins are, but we’ve seen motorcycle riders put them in all sorts of places. Especially when you are well-loved and have more than one gremlin bell on your bike! After all, unless you are selling the bike, it is considered bad luck to remove your bell.


It is recommended not to place it directly behind the front tire if you can help it because that’s where debris is kicked up by the tire.


Also, it’s good to have it where you can see it to make sure hasn’t come off.

Kathleen’s gorgeous Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe has a lot of options for hanging her new crystal biker bell. It can go low on her frame, the crash bars or the pedals on either side.


Kathleen really likes it on the high side because you can see it real well.



I surveyed several women motorcycle riders to learn where they put their guardian bell. Take a look at all the real life examples for where one can mount a motorcycle bell.


How to hang the motorcycle ride bell

Hanging the bell is a piece of cake. All you need is a cable zip tie or bell hanger.

If your frame is black go with a black zip tie, otherwise use a clear one or get a color to match where you are going to put it. Nowadays you can get a variety of colors as shown with these Amazon products.


As a side note, zip ties are extremely useful on the road and can be used to temporarily attach broken things. For example, on my last trip one of the plastic parts on my gps mount broke. Without it I couldn’t use the gps. A friend happened to be carrying zip ties and patched it up for me so it was at least usable for the remainder of the trip. Now I make sure to always have some on hand!


The other option is to use a dedicated biker bell hanger. The Guardian Bell brand makes a simple one, and there are even more creative options on the market. Using one of these makes attaching the bell simple and easy because you mount the hanger on an existing screw or bolt on the bike. The bell can then hang from the hanger with a keyring.

Your Turn

Now that you know more about hanging your ride bell, share the good luck! Give one as a gift for the motorcycle rider friend or friends in your life. And show us yours! Post a pic of your gremlin bell in the comments below and caption it with your bike model. It will help and inspire others wanting to know how to hang a motorcycle bell. Have fun and may the evil road gremlins never bother you again!

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  1. Tracy Keckeisen says:

    Thank you very much for such a great video and explanation of a gremlin bell. I just learned of their meaning a couple years ago and really enjoy buying them as gifts for fellow riders. Your selection is also very nice and I look forward to shopping with you from here on out.

  2. Jonyale says:

    My boyfriend gave me his Harley bell since his friend bought him one and he hung mine on a bar Under my bike and I gave my aunt one as well and hung hers as well
    The reason and story behind the bell is really good to know thanks for this!

    • Lisa Catarineau says:

      Thanks, Dawn! Metal bell hangers work best for keeping them secured. I’d advise against a leather strap if you are concerned about it falling off. They are pretty but more vulnerable to breaking. And zip ties will work for awhile but eventually may crack if continually exposed to the sun.

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