Cycleblind Helmet Pigtails Review

When I first started riding, I had a lot of attention on increasing my visibility while building up my riding skills.

But I just couldn’t get into the ‘hi-vis’ look. Besides I wanted to look ‘girly’ and make sure motorists know it was a girl on a bike and not just some jerk rider.

Riding with your hair flowing in the wind is one way to be noticed as a female rider. But some of us don’t have that option. Besides the tangled mess to deal with after every ride, my hair is just too darn long and always seems to find a way into my eyes which is why I use a full tube headwrap to completely cover it.

When I learned about the helmet pigtails, I just had to try them. I bought the wine / burgundy pigtails. I mean, how can you NOT notice that this is a girl riding if she’s got pigtails blowing in the wind?

Let me tell you, these pigtails get noticed! You can get them as pigtails or as a single ponytail and there are lots of different colors to choose from. Note that they don’t always have all colors available. Here are some examples:



Green helmet ponytail


Purple helmet pigtails


Blue helmet ponytail

Pink helmet pigtails

Pink helmet pigtails

I can’t tell you how many looks I’d get while riding or how many compliments I’d get. These things are conversation starters for sure. I’ve even had guys ask me how I got my hair through the helmet. They were quite surprised when I took my helmet off, seeing that the pigtails were still on the helmet.

Basically they are attached with suction cups and are quite easy to apply when you follow the instructions. Removing them is easy too in case you want to use them on another helmet or just not have them on. I always took them off at the track just to be super sure of not losing them (or flying off on some other rider!).

Guys like to play with my pigtails
Guys like to play with my pigtails

According to the manufacturer, tails for helmets were tested on gloss helmets at 70mph in 90-degree heat. But I’ve gone over 100 and they still stayed on.

Mine lasted for about 6 months riding almost every weekend. But one fine, sunny day while carving the canyons I did lose one. Probably because I didn’t check it first…oops! It is recommended you check them every time you put the helmet back on.

The only downside I had was that they tangle just like real hair…which is probably to be expected. But it was a little time consuming to untangle them, so I ended up braiding them. Less hassle and still cute.

The benefits of helmet pigtails, or helmet ponytails for that matter, far outweighed the downsides. They definitely turn heads and are so much fun to wear. It’s a great way to girly up your helmet or biker girl ‘look’ and let motorists know it’s a chick on a bike.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts on helmet pigtails or other ‘girly’ ways to get noticed? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Margo says:

    Hi I’m Margo from Australia, I think they are lovely and so cute I’ll wear them occasionally around town but I Won’t wear them while travelling long distances though as I find they buffer your head around a bit , but they are so cute , just my opinion

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