Motorcycle Helmet Carrier Strap – Hands-Free, Motorbike Accessory. Convenient, Lightweight and Comfortable Alternative to Helmets Bag or Backpack. A Perfect Biker Gift For Men and Women.Stars By EZ-GO

$18.86 (as of November 4, 2019, 10:20 pm) $16.60

🏍️LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE, ONE SIZE FITS ALL AND VERY STRONG This high-quality, durable, stylish and unobtrusive helmet holder is upholstered so that when worn cross-body the helmet is balanced and the weight is hardly noticeable. Perfect alternative to a motorcycle helmet case. When not in use it folds up to just 3.5 inches and can be kept in a bag or even a pocket. Discreet and gender neutral, it can be enjoyed equally by men and women.
🏍️SO COMFORTABLE YOU’LL HARDLY NOTICE IT’S THERE. The strap is made from synthetic polyester, padded and has a mesh lining which sits on the shoulder. Due to its special properties it will not chafe nor irritate and you can carry your helmet for as long as you need to without feeling uncomfortable.
🏍️WHERE DO I PUT MY HELMET? Well, if you’re riding… on your head :-)! But seriously, off the bike or carrying the spare safely? If your helmet has a ratchet(Micro-Metric) buckle you attach each end to its counterpart on the carrying strap. For helmets with Double D Ring, Nexus buckle or other, the carrying strap is closed through the closed helmet buckle (see picture). This innovative addition to your riding accessories will ensure that your crash helmet is with you at all times.

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