blue–net Soft Plastic Personal Motorcycle Helmet Horn Decoration Modification Accessories Sucker(Black)

$4.93 (as of November 13, 2019, 10:24 pm)

Material — Tough rubber, good elasticity, great durability, won’t scratch the helmet, removable TPU silicone sucker, convenient and flexible to install and disassemble.
Using tips — 1. If you worry about the sucker is not stable enough, a small piece of square double-sided adhesive tape can be pasted in the middle of the suction cup for stabilized! 2. If you worry about the suction cup can’t fully attach to corners, you can use double-sided adhesive tapes, or glue to paste. 3. Suckers can be only used to smooth surfaces. You can only use the double-sided adhesive tapes to paste when it comes to matte surfaces and gaps of helmets.
Features — Also, if you do take a fall, the horns are designed to detach off so there is no threat of further injury.

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