Eagle Lights Harley Front LED Turn Signals with White Running Lights for Harley Davidson Motorcycles 1157 Bullet style turn signals (with Smoke Lenses)

$89.99 (as of April 8, 2019, 11:53 am)

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EAGLE LIGHTS LED TURN SIGNALS – Upgrade your old turn signals to LED! Easy to install and awesome looking! As easy as changing a bulb.
EASY INSTALLATION – Easy installation, plug and play on most Harley Davidson models with 2″ bullet style turn signals. Can also be used on Harley Davidson with pancake style with adapters (Sold separately: PN 8748R)
THEY LOOK AWESOME – White halo ring function included in addition to turn signal. Outer ring includes 24 white diodes. An Additional 24 LED amber diodes are used for the turn signal.

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