Eagle Lights 2″ LED Turn Signal Kit for Harley Davidson (Front (1157) and Rear Red (1156) LED Turn Signal Kit, No Smoked Lenses)

$159.99 (as of June 23, 2019, 10:26 pm)

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WHICH LED TURN SIGNAL KIT DO I NEED? – Harley Davidson motorcycles come with one of two styles of rear LED turn signals, 1156 Single Contact and 1157 Double Contact. The fronts are always 1157 style bulbs. If you have a center rear tail light, you will need this kit. It has 1156 rears that function solely as turn signals. If you do NOT have a rear center tail light, you will need our 1157/1157 turn signal kit (Amazon # B073G294J7)
FRONT LED TURN SIGNALS – Brand new design. Our front LED turn signals have a 24 LED halo ring. The halo ring is 6000K and is a pure bright white light. It will match all of your other LED products. The inner 24 LEDs are amber and function as the turn signal. The halo ring will turn off when the LED turn signal in active. This allows the LED turn signal to be more noticeable to oncoming drivers.
REAR LED TURN SIGNALS – This kit includes 1156 Rear LED Turn Signals. You will need the 1156 Rear Turn signals if you have a rear center brake light. They feature 48 Red LEDs in total for a highly visible turn signal. The entire 48 LEDs light up for turn signals. They are highly visible and a great upgrade for your bike being over 3X brighter than stock.

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