TEFITI Headwear – CocoCap Femal Versatile Sports & Casual Headband – Stretchable Face Shield and Bandana Neck Gaiter (HR-040992)

$8.50 (as of October 15, 2018, 10:34 pm)

Magic experience with funny and crazy, perfect size with 19.7 inch x 9.9 inch natural length and width, about 21.5 inch – 25 inch high stretchable circumferenc and 0.02 inch thickness.
Versatile 3D magic scarf, produces could be worn like as face mask, face shield, headwear, balaclava, headband, hairband, head wrap, bandelet, neckband, neck gaiter, armband, waistband, wristband, bandana, eskimo / do-rag / pirate scarf, handkerchief , ponytail, beanie hat and any styles that you want.
The 100% Polyester Microfiber is strechable, comfortable and breathable. It’s great to keep hair out of the face, wick away sweat wicking and dry quickly to keep your heathy in your daily life and adventure or protect yourself from the sun in hot days,in the early morning sun.

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