NOVAC Passenger Safety Belt by Grip Grab Handle able to wear as a Kidney Belt for ATV Superbike Jetski Motorcycle Motobike Bike Snowmobile

$79.00 (as of May 15, 2019, 6:39 pm)

1. The world first hidden buckles on both side of the Base Belt are designed to be attachable to other GEAR products (Waterproof Hip-sack Aron, Pocket Bag Reo)
2. The thick handle gives you more stability and the use of expensive and lightest material secures mobility and light fit. Also, X-shaped backstitch strengthens the durability and 3D mesh fabric allows cool ventilation during usage
3. Aircraft-grade safety belt webbing – Produced with high duty, friction-resistant, and shock-absorbent webbing used in aircrafts and Base Belt is Designed to be worn as a Comfortable kidney belt with or without a passenger

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