The Adventures of Stormy and her Indian Bike with Bling

Stormy and her bike with bling

You may know her as Bandanas by Michelle. But what you may not know is that she leads a pretty exciting and adventurous life.

Living life on the Road

Michelle Jamison left South Eastern Minnesota four years ago and has lived on her bike ever since. She travels all across the country making and selling her Swarovski Crystal bandanas. Michelle pulls a 750 pounds fully loaded Aspen classic motorcycle camper behind her bling’d Indian bike to carry everything she needs to run her business and live on the road inside the camper trailer, including her 10 by 10 vendor tent, bandanas, and essential living items.

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling
“It usually takes me half an hour to get out of the gas station or a parking lot at a hotel or store because everybody wants to come up and talk to me about my bike or about a woman riding … It’s funny but sometimes a small crowd will gather. I think it’s the whole fascination of a woman traveling by herself on a motorcycle pulling a camper behind her bike.”

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling


I got my motorcycle license 6 years ago and have already put on nearly 80,000 miles on 4 different motorcycles. Last year I rode over 200 days through rain and storms. Thus earning me the nickname, Stormy.


Bandanas by Michelle at Sturgis
“My booth was set up in Sturgis South Dakota for 23 days during the 75th anniversary rally. This year was absolutely exhausting because of the weather. We went through 3 hailstorms, 2 windstorms and a rainstorm so bad that it destroyed both of my tents. My parents, Vern and Ruthie, were there to help me out. We nicknamed my father McGyVern because he took both of the broken tents and constructed them into a new tent that became my store for the rest of the rally.”

On her Facebook page Michelle provides constant entertainment of the challenges she’s had living a life of adventure…or sometimes “misadventure” as she calls it. In this post she tells a story about running low on gas in the middle of nowhere. Click her link to read the full story:

For her business, Bandanas by Michelle, Michelle makes and sells custom designed, unique bling’d-out bandanas, hats and scarves using Swarovski crystals and other jewels.


Bandanas by Michelle
Bandanas by Michelle is currently in over 80 retail stores across the United States and Europe, including many Harley-Davidson stores, Indian dealerships, salons and other fine retail establishments.

I started my business by first making a bandana embellished with Swarovski crystals for myself. Everyone seemed to like my designs and work and the word quickly spread. I love what I do and I feel that shows in my attention to detail in my work….My bandanas can be worn while on a motorcycle, horseback, and gardening, for zumba and other fitness activities, hair loss and just for the fun of it.


Bandanas by Michelle
She has many repeat customers that shop exclusively with her because of her attention to detail and quality of work.


Indian Bike with Bling

I wanted my bike to be different and it was appropriate and fitting for my business that my bike be covered with Swarovski crystals. I still wanted my bike to be classy but set apart from others.

Indian bike with bling

Named “Black Ice,” this Indian Roadmaster bike with bling has over 15,000 Swarovski crystals on it. Areas bling’d include the front fairing, front and rear fender, headlights, taillight, license plate, gas caps, gas tank plate cover, mirrors, derby cover, air filter, saddle bags, trunk and her aftermarket Rhinehart  pipes. All of the Swarovski crystals were hand placed by Stacy Deva Hawkins of

Devas bling working on Indian bike with bling

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (front fender)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (fender)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (bling progression)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (fender)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling closeup   The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (side view)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (rear)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (rear)


Not only does it shine during the day, her bike with bling really comes to life at night. Michelle had Lee Annette of L.A. Lites install a complete LED light kit during one of the rallies she was at.

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling at night

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling (lighted side)

The Adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling at night


I find it pretty cool that I get people waving at me all day or they will speed up next to me and then slow down and give me a thumbs up. The coolest one was when I was in Arizona leaving the Quarter Horse show and the Golf Tournaments were going on and a car with 4 ladies in their 60’s and 70’s, dressed in their pastel polo shirts pulled up next to me at the light and they were all looking over at me grinning ear to ear and they were all giving me a very vigorous thumbs up. That was pretty cool.

Here’s a video Michelle made that shows more detail of the customizations:


A Few of Michelle’s Favorite Things

I love what I do and I love riding a cross-country meeting up with so many people. It has been my goal to inspire women to take control of their life and follow through with their dreams. Whether it be riding a motorcycle, getting a different job or just doing something for themselves that they have always wanted to do. I am always humbled when people send me messages telling me that they are inspired by my story.

Favorite place to ride: Through Wisconsin and Arkansas because of the beautiful roads and scenery.
Favorite piece of gear or accessory: My Swarovski crystal Bandanas that I make to match all of my shirts. I also love the heated seat and heated grips on my motorcycle. They are great to have in cold weather.
Favorite resource for women riders: Lady Biker on Facebook 

This month Michelle will be stopping in Fresno, California to ride with the Lady Bikers of California for International Female Riding Day on May 7th.

You can follow Michelle’s adventures on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram. And be sure to check out her website at You can also buy her bandanas on Etsy.

Follow the adventures of Stormy and her bike with bling

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  1. Peggy says:

    I love living through Michelle and her adventures. Met her and her parents at Sturgis 75th. I know I want to be her . lol

  2. Julie says:

    Wow – what a lifestyle, what a bike, what a woman, what great inspiration. I just loved reading this story and re-read it. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Nan Lehnertz says:

    I love watching your travels from your pictures and reading your stories!!!
    You are truely an inspiration to many.
    What an awesome life you have.
    Stay safe out there and best of luck to you in all your adventures.

  4. Dawn zander says:

    I follow Michelle on fb.At the moment I am unable to live the life I want to live.I live through her for now.It helps my feel alive in a strange way.She has struggles like us all and has shared the ups and downs.I can’t tell you how greatful I am to have found her.

  5. Lisa says:

    We have known Michelle for several years. This lady is one tough chick and we so admire her! She is an inspiration in so many ways for so many people.

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