Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

Representing the Northwest, young female stunt rider Andrea “Drea” Tanigami is making waves in the stunt community with her pink and purple 2004 Kawasaki 636.

Drea, who lives in Auburn, Washington, loves stunt riding for the challenge. About it she says:

“It’s not for the weak-hearted female…it takes hard work and dedication. It really is a never-ending sport, there is always something new to learn or things to improve on, which is why I think it’s so addicting! I believe my passion grows when I work so hard for a goal and finally achieve it. It really is the best feeling in the world.”


Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

Life as a Stunt Rider

Drea says stunt riding has taught her a lot about herself—that she is not a quitter and that she can truly do anything that she wants if she puts her mind to it. She’s learned the meaning of blood, sweat and tears—the idea of wanting something so bad that you will sacrifice anything to reach that goal. That takes a lot of dedication.

Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

“I want people to know that this isn’t just a hobby. This is a lifestyle and passion. If this is something that you want to get into my advice is to ride as much as you can, don’t get off your bike, push yourself and stay out of your comfort zone and always stay positive and never give up. Stunt riding is 90% mental and 10% skill. Mental training and positive thinking is huge in this sport!”


Watch Drea in action…


Drea’s Pink and Purple Bike

The most obvious customization to Drea’s bike is the bright pink and purple paint. Done by two different vendors: Premier Powdercoating, who did all of the pink powdercoating keeping her bike fresh, and a good friend Alberto of the Seattle Latino Riders who did the custom purple pearl paint job.

Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike


Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

“People love seeing my pink and purple bike. It’s every girl’s dream!”

Other customizations include:

  • RSC easy pull clutch lever and Brembo Rear handbrake that she runs on top of her clutch allowing her to do different tricks without having to cover the footbrake.
  • 60 tooth rear sprocket from TheSicShop.
  • Zeus Armor cage and subcage, and a Badass Industries steel frame. These protect her bike from impact. Drea says, “I definitely couldn’t ride without them!”
  • Graveyard custom gas tank that is perfectly shaped so she can do multiple different tricks while securing her in her tank.
  • RSC adjustable handlebars. These allow her to adjust the bars further out giving more leverage and comfort in a wheelie.


Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

“I’ve also done a few modifications to my stock parts like cutting a hole in my rear seat to put my foot in, turned my killswitch upside down so I don’t kick it by accident.”


Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike
Drea’s windscreen bears one of her sponsor’s logo (CRWWND Industries – a clothing line based out of NYC inspired by urban activities and an extreme lifestyle.


A Few of Drea’s Favorite Things

Stunt Rider Drea and her Pink and Purple Bike

Favorite place to ride:
My favorite place to ride is The Bay area in California. It’s so beautiful. I love the bridges, weather and water!!

Favorite piece of gear or accessory:
I love my GoGo Gear kevlar leggings, they’re super stretchy and comfortable like regular leggings but with the protection of Kevlar. Plus they have flexible removable pads. That’s my favorite part!!

“Progression is my obsession, riding is my passion and the challenge is my motivation.”


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